Just before Christmas, I was at a craft show and bought the sweetest set of wooden play money (yes, wooden bills!) for my kids. Then, I promptly lost the business card for the creators. As luck would have it, last week a Facebook friend of mine posted a link to their Etsy shop and I have been lost in a sea of beautiful wooden items ever since.

The people at The Woodlot really do work magic with their designs. I am smitten with their gorgeous wooden jewelry, their adorable wooden toys, and their lovely wooden alphabet sets. Seriously, this shop has something for everyone in the family.

Like their awesomely simple oversized dice. Because how many times do you have to pause a game to retrieve tiny, runaway dice when you’re playing with a toddler? Their classic fishing game is something I know my kids would play with for hours. And their wooden rings and bracelets? Well, I just keep clicking from one to the next, trying to decide which one is my favorite. (Right now I think it’s this one.)

Everything is made from reclaimed lumber, finished with natural oils, and priced incredibly affordably. It’s nice to know the good stuff doesn’t always have to be more expensive than plastic.

Now, the wooden money is only in Canadian denominations for now, but that just means it’s nice and colorful (or is it colourful?) for playtime. Kind of gives new meaning to that phrase about taking wooden nickels.  –Stephanie S.

Find wooden toys for babies and children online at The Woodlot on Etsy.