Geek gifts may be some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts to shop for. (We love our cool geeky dads!) Here, some super fun gift ideas if the dad on your list isn’t quite the yachting in Greenwich while wearing an ascot type.

Spell out Happy Father’s Day using the periodic chart with this geeky Father’s Day Card (at top) that comes with a custom tie tack. ($13 at Shop Gibberish; $4.50 for just the card)

Father's Day gifts for geeks: Geek Dad book

Even the geekiest of dads probably love time with the kids more than with his computer. In which case, grab the Geek Dad book by Wired columnist Ken Denmeade, which features dozens of family-friendly activities they can do together, from the simple to ready for Burning Man, Dad! ($?? at amazon)

Father's Day gifts for geeks: Avengers Cologne set

This Avengers Cologne Set is absolutely awesome, and comes with four mini colognes each inspired by four lead Avengers. Don’t worry–“Smash” smells more like bergamot and tarragon than the actual Hulk. ($59 at Think Geek)

Father's Day gifts for geeks: circuit board necktie

A tie for Father’s Day? Not quite as traditional when it’s this circuit board necktie. Equally suited for Blog World Expo, or your daughter’s graduation from MIT. ($30 at Scatterbrain Ties)

gifts for Geek dads: Swipe Ties for cleaning your screens

We also love the Swipe ties for gadget-lovers; they’re made from a fabric that’s actually meant to be used to clean your screen! ($34.95 on sale at Swipe)

Father's Day gifts for geeks: Atom ukelele

For the dad who has everything, there’s no way he already has a ukelele. Or if he does (sheesh), there’s no way he has an atom ukelele. These are handmade to order out of maple and utterly gorgeous. ($650 from Paul Celentano)


Father's Day gifts for geeks: Carl Sagan Daddy and Me shirt set

While we’ve covered a whole bunch of great gifts for new dads, we’d be remiss if we didn’t add in this awesome Carl Sagan daddy and me set. The baby onesie starts at 3m and goes up to 6T t-shirts for those future scientists of the world. ($38 at baby wit)

Father's Day gifts for geeks: Darth Vader

Star Wars fans will love the Star Wars Darth Vader and Son book which is just meant for Father’s Day giving. ($14.95 at Chronicle Books) While you’re at it, throw in this vinyl I’m your Daddy Star Wars iPhone 4 skin. ($9.95 from Skunkwraps)

Father's Day gifts for geeks: fencing lessons

Fencing lessons: Awesome. ($150/hour from cloud 9 living, or find classes in your area)


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Father's Day Gift Guide giveaway

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