One of the most sentimental, sweet things any kid can do for a dad is to make a DIY Father’s Day gift. Whether a gift made from their own artwork, or something entirely crafty (with a little help from another adult, ahem) we just love all of these sentimental–and very affordable–ideas for your favorite dad.

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Whatever the gift, wrap it up in some handmade gift wrap (above) hand painted by your own kiddos. Use white gift wrap or craft paper, then use crayons, paints, stamps, you name it. (Tutorial at


DIY Father's Day gift ideas: printable Father's Day coupons

Download these Printable Father’s Day Coupons that let you fill in the blank and get more creative than “a hug”–consider a night monopolizing the PS3; seconds on dessert when there’s only enough left for one; or a pass to hand off dog walking duties for the day.  Or if you’re really crafty, design your own. Even index cards, crayons and glitter can equal awesome. ($5 from Kona Designs)

DIY Father's Day gifts: handmade bookmark with photo

If dad’s a reader, a DIY photo bookmark of the kids is a lovely personal touch to go with it and a lot less than paying for one. All it takes is some ribbon and a cute photo. (Tutorial at Martha Stewart, with good reader suggestions in comments.)

DIY Father's Day gifts: journal from child's artwork

Another place for that bookmark? A handmade journal from children’s artwork. The kids spend the time making a great portrait of Daddy, then PrintArtKids puts it all together for you. ($29.95 for a set of 3 notebooks)

DIY Father's Day gifts: maple bacon marshmallows

Dad’s favorite treat makes a perfectly thoughtful Father’s Day Gift. Around here, that means Peanut Brittle. But these Maple-Bacon Marshmallows look like they could be a contender too.This is definitely one requiring adult help. (Recipe at Epicurious.)

DIY Father's Day gifts: notepad

Kids of any age can make this simple DIY Father’s Day Note Cube, also found at Martha Stewart, just by adorning a solid colored note cube with some fat markers. You should be able to find one at a local office supply store, or grab minis online at Stamp on This. ($2.50 each plus shipping)

DIY Father's Day gifts: kids' artwork on a keychain
Recently we covered 5 great personalized key chains–a sentiment from the kids is always a great gift. But we also love these silver keychains made from your child’s artwork. You can even add a kid’s signature on the back. ($78 from Metalmorphis)

Personalized Father's Day card from kids' artwork

Any service that lets you make a personalized photo card, can also accommodate the kids artwork. How sweet to make a Father’s Day card from kids artwork that’s way cuter than anything at any store. ($3.09 for 1 card with quantity discounts at Shutterfly)

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