Decorating the baby’s room may be the most fun thing about being pregnant. (Unless you eat a lot of chocolate chip pancakes, which would make it a tie.) We had so much fun rounding up our picks for the coolest nursery and kids’ room decor of 2012.


Aden + Anais muslin crib bedding
Muslin¬†is so genius in all seasons, that I’m so happy this mom-run company¬†finally turned their uber-popular swaddler designs into sheets for your¬†baby’s crib. Also? Utterly adorable.

Cool kids' rooms: Amanda Vissel prints

Amanda Vissel Boys Posters
In a world where so-called boys’ artwork is either super precious or el destructo, I love that the artist behind our favorite girl power posters,¬†has a new series for boys too. They feature positive messages about¬†reading books, loving the earth, and being kind, without ever once¬†getting cheesy.

Cool kids' rooms: Little Edie baby mobile

Little Edie Handmade Baby Mobile

I¬†think this beautiful little mobile featuring a diverse array of smiling¬†baby faces is about the sweetest thing–I’d want to look up from my own¬†bed and see it every day. Plus? No batteries!

Modern handmade baby quilts | BPerrino Quilts

BPerrino handmade baby quilts
I am a sucker for baby quilts with designs and colors that don’t feel out of place in a more¬†modern nursery. These just blow me away–and are especially nice to¬†know about if you don’t have a skilled quilter in the family.

Cool kids' rooms: My First Year baby poster

My First Year Poster
This is such a clever alternative to a baby book, and the poster would be neat to hang on a nursery wall, evolving as the months go on and the milestones accumulate.


Cool kids' rooms: Deconstructed Sesame Street poster

Modern Sesame Street posters
These deconstructed Sesame Street posters are a cool, modern way to celebrate your kids’ Ernie and Bert obsession. Though truth be told,¬†I might be a bigger Sesame Street fan than my kids.

Cool kids' rooms: LittleLion Studio personalized prints

LittleLion Studio Personalized Art Prints
These days, it’s tough to find unique animal prints, because I mean, really, how many ways can you draw a lion? But the personalized animal art prints from LittleLion studio are unlike anything I’ve seen, capturing a child’s love for animals and their name in something that will make you smile. Sounds exactly like something you’d want on your kids’ wall, huh?

Cool kids' rooms: Minimalist fairy tale posters

Christian Jackson fairytale artwork
I’d probably never be caught dead hanging a Rapunzel poster on my wall but wow, I¬†love these minimalist posters that interpret some of the most classic children’s stories¬†so much I’d even hang them up in my own family room when my kids outgrow them.

Cool kids' rooms: Personalized embroidery art

Personalized Embroidery Art
Last year I was completely smitten with the gorgeous personalized letter necklace from Merriweather Council, so it’s really no surprise that I fell deeply in love with her personalized embroidery art. What a lovely, affordable baby gift that will be treasured for years to come.
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