If you love the idea of toys that represent kids of all sorts, we think you’ll dig the way one of our favorite indie companies is Kickstarting some even more fun mix-and-match block sets. And the higher-level rewards might just blow you away.

Our pals at Olliblocks/Mixmates have a Kickstarter going through August 3  that takes the next step in evolution: instead of just buying a PDF and making the blocks yourself, you can grab some extra special, artisan-made sets of beautiful blocks.

(Edited to add: Olliblocks are now available for sale at the Caravan Shoppe Site)

We loved these blocks as a DIY project last year, but we also appreciate that plenty of moms and kids are intimidated by cutting and pasting their own blocks. Starting at the $30 level, you can receive two complete sets of durable birchwood Mixmates featuring boys, girls and animals–a total of 12 blocks and 24 characters. More complicated reward packs include a carry tote, fridge magnets, artisan-engraved or painted blocks, or even special, one-of-a-kind Mixmates prints or blocks based on your own kid!

One of our favorite things about Mixmates is that they represent a wide range of skin and hair tones and facial expressions. And if your kids loves animals, you can have those, too. Blocks as different and quirky as our kids? SOLD. Er, we mean, KICKSTARTED.

Check out the sets of Olliblocks at Caravan Shoppe now for lots of  cool mix and match block sets.

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