Each year, we love putting together a list of affordable holiday gifts for kids under $15. With budgets tight for so many this year, it really helps to know that there are plenty of affordable gifts that still seem like big deals to kids, tweens, and even teens.

Including lots from the small businesses we love to support.

Maybe you’re trying to spend a little less this year, or maybe you have so many nieces, nephews, and little cousins to shop for — either way, we hope you enjoy these wonderful holiday gifts for kids under $15.

(Or you know…$15.95. At most. Sometimes I just can’t resist!)

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50+ cool gifts for kids, tweens and teens under $15 | cool mom picks holiday gifts 2020

Because we know you all have different shopping preferences, we included options at some of the big stores (some of which come from small businesses too), but we hope you’ll consider supporting smaller shops as well. And of course, you can always make something (kids love homemade cookies!) and shop local — we bet your local toy store, gift shop, and especially your local bookshop would really love your business right now.

This post contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small comission from purchases, which supports our team at no additional expense to you. 

There’s no payment for inclusion in our guide, just the stuff we love! We know that’s rare these days. 

All prices accurate at the time of publishing, but subject to change.

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50+ great gifts for kids under $15: DIY Superhero craft kit from Kiwi Co

DIY Superhero Cape Making Kit $12.95, Kiwi Co
Why be Superman when you can be Super Margot or Super Isaiah?

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Love you to the moon and back earrings in a tin

Love you to the moon and back jewelry tin $15, Michelle Mach


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Mandalorian The Child Bluetooth speaker (aka Baby Yoda)

Mandalorian The Child Bluetooth Speaker $15.99, Amazon
But we all know him as Baby Yoda, of course. If your kids are fans, see our entire list of Mandalorian gifts for fans

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Rainbow unicorn horn chalk set from Twee

Unicorn horn sidewalk chalk set $15, Twee
Puts a little more magic into those hopscotch boards.


Paint Your Own Christmas Cookie Set (item no longer available)  $7.95/1 cookie + supplies, The Cookie Riveter
A craft you can eat — hooray!


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: DIY natural dough mix from the Dough Project

DIY natural dough kits $12.99, The Dough project
“Dough it yourself.” Ha.

50+ kids gifts under $15: Votes for Women 1000-piece puzzle

100-piece Votes for Women Puzzle (item no longer available)  $10, Nordstrom
Perfect for little hands with big dreams

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50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Organic zip Christmas footie PJs for babies from Primary

Organic Zipped Baby Xmas Footie $11.50 on sale, Primary
So nice to find affordable holiday PJs from a small business! See the site for lots more options.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Homemade Santa, reindeer, or elf plush

Santa Plush $15, Keepsake Bridal Baby
Also available: Reindeer and elf plush


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Build your own RC racer

Build Your Own RC Race Trike (item no longer available)  $14.99, Target
Racing it is the reward for putting it together.



50+ gifts under $15 for kids: A Christmas Story Movie game

 A Christmas Story: A Major Game, $6.99, Amazon
You’ll shoot your eye out! (No you won’t, no bb’s here.)


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Adorable handmade Christmas fabric face masks from Trendy Tot Shop

Christmas face masks $12.99, The Trendy Tot
Keeping kids safe and festive.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Among Us tee

Among Us Pop Art Tee (item no longer available)  $14.03/ea when you buy 2, Potato Gear on Red Bubble
Cool fan art of the hot game of the year


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Handmade crayon letters from Art 2 the Extreme

Individual Crayon Letters $4.80/ea, Art2TheExtreme
You’ll have to spend a bit over $15 for a name over 3 letter, but this shop’s work is wonderful!

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Love You Love You More mother-daughter bracelet set by Brooklyn Rose Beads | Cool kids gifts under $15

Mother-Daughter Love You More Bracelet Set $11, Brooklyn Rose Beads
Tons of adorable, affordable gifts for kids under $15 in this Etsy shop.
Psst…this can be from a Dad, an Aunt, a Grandma or Grandpa, or even a big sibling too.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Personalized art journal on Zazzle

Personalized Sketchpad $14.33, Printfitters Zazzle Shop
Maybe pair with a great set of markers, like the ones below.

Best gifts for kids under $15: Dual brush marker pen set of 36 gorgeous colors, for bullet journaling or sketching

Set of 36 Dual Tipped Markers $12.99, Amazon
For bullet-journaling, sketching, or just a little off-screen doodling.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: initial hair clips on sale at Bauble Bar

Initial Hair Clips $5, Bauble Bar
At this price, we’d grab them for lots of people on our list!

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Cool gifts for kids under $15: Dream Like Martin...Black History Shirt from MM of Philly

Cool gifts for kids under $15: Kamala, Michelle, Elizabeth & Ruth Shirt from MM of Philly

Dream like Martin… t-shirt for kids and babies, $15.50 on sale
Kamala & Michelle… shirt $12, MM of Philly
Also see all the cute mommy/me shirts in Amber Bowie’s Etsy shop.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Personalized kids' snowman face mug. Just add hot chocolate!

Personalized Snowman Face Mug for Kids $10.20 on sale, Priscilla V Design
Now the kids won’t fight about which is theirs! PS Don’t forget to add a pack of hot chocolate.


Gifts for kids under $15: Girls sparkle tutu handmade by Ingrid Elizabeth on Etsy

Handmade Girls Sparkle Tutus, $12.45+, Ingrid Elizabeth
The perfect festive holiday wear! (Or you know, nighttime wear, if you can’t get them to take it off.)

Cool gifts for kids under $15: Felt food taco play set from Felt Food Truck on Etsy

Felt taco play food set, $8.25, Felt Food Truck
Sorry…guac is extra

Also see: The cutest handmade play food makers on Etsy 


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Magnetic play sets by Petit Collage

Magnetic Play Sets by Petit Collage $12, Amazon
Hours of unplugged play, at home or in the car.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Mario Badescu essentials kit is super popular with tweens and teens

Mario Badescu Fresh Face Gift Set $12 Anthropologie
Our tweens and teens call this one of their top gifts — and the price is great!


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Spalding NBA mini outdoor basketball

Spalding NBA Mini Outdoor Basketball $12.99, Amazon
Any excuse to get them outside a little more these days


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Set of 3 cute woodland creature bamboo ornaments

Bamboo Christmas ornament set $9.99/3 on sale, Paper Culture
Each year, we love giving the kids new ornaments that are “theirs” to hang.



50+ gifts under $15 for kids: LEGO Brickheadz Christmas set

LEGO Brickheadz Christmas reindeer building kit $14.95, Amazon
These are so popular with kids of all ages, and this set is so cute!


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Illustrated growth journal from BoyGirlParty

Illustrated Growth Journal $15.95, Boy Girl Party
A lovely gift for an older kid or teen who could use a little quiet time.

Skyjo Game: cool gifs for kids under $15

Skyjo Game $14.95, Amazon
Freshen up the game closet this holiday with one of our kids’ favorites.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: stackable birthstone bracelets at Bauble bar

Birthstone Bracelet (sized for teens + adults) $10, Bauble Bar
Love these stackable bracelets — lots of options available but we think kids will love their own birthstone color


Animal Crossing, Roblox, or Fortnite Coloring Books: Cool gifs for kids under $15

Fortnite Coloring Book, Roblox Coloring Book, or Animal Crossing Coloring Book $6-7 Amazon
or your local bookstore or toy store
Just add crayons and…enjoy the silence!


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Cotton dress shirt at H&M

Cotton Dress Shirt in 7 Styles $9.99, H&M
Just because we have nowhere to go doesn’t mean we can’t make a little effort, right?


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Seve Spools of Thread: A Kawnzaa Story

Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story $6.43, Indiebound
A beautiful gift for observers of Kwanzaa, or any kid who wants to know more about our many winter celebrations.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Limited edition NASA etch a sketch

Limited Edition NASA Etch a Sketch $15.88, Amazon
The original is always a great gift, but we’d grab this one while you still can.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Lip Balm Christmas gift set (and other flavors) at Delight Naturals

Lip Balm Gift Sets $7.95-$8.96, Delight Naturals
This shop offers every flavor you can imagine, from popular options to Butterbeer!



50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Hape toddler percussion set

Toddler Percussion Toy Set $9.99, Magic Beans
Music gifts are always wonderful for little ones, and this one comes from a favorite indie toy shop of ours.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Ultimate Science Kit for kids

Ultimate Science Kit $14.99, Target
STEM gifts for kids are always a good idea.

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50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Mean Girl Burn Book phone case

Mean Girls Burn Book inspired phone case (item no longer available)  $9.99 on sale, DIY Customiz on Etsy
Are your older kids as obsessed as ours are?


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Boba AirPods case for kawaii loving kids

Kawaii boba tea AirPods case (item no longer available)  $13.80, My Miibo
If you have kawaii-loving tweens or teens, lots of wonderful gifts for kids under $15 in this shop.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: DC Superman and Wonder Woman Christmas edition Funko Pop

Superman Christmas Funko or Wonder Woman Christmas Funko $10.99+, Amazon
Able to leap Santa’s sleigh in a single bound!


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Cozy holiday sock sets with a gift card holder

Holiday Cozy Sock Sets $3/2 pairs (lots of styles available), Target
Also comes with a gift card holder…should you want to give a little something extra


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Coco on Blu-Ray

Coco on Blu-Ray $9.99, Amazon
Because we could watch it over and over, too.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Naruto Ramen Time Puzzle

Naruto Ramen Time 1000-Piece Puzzle $14.99, Usaopoly
Run like Naruto to grab this great deal!

Cool kids' gifts under $15: JVC gummy earbuds in fun colors

JVC Gummy Earbuds $9-12, Amazon
Terrific tech gift for kids under $15, and loads of colors, too!


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Girls skater dress at Forever 21

Girls/Tween Skater Dress $10.49, Forever 21
Holiday style can be comfy, affordable, and still super cute


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Star Wars lightsaber bookmarks (with a favorite book of course)

Star Wars lightsaber bookmark, $9.99, Quetzal Studio
A great way to make a gift of a favorite book more special. Personalization available too, if you hurry

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: To the Moon world's longest fold-out coloring book

To The Moon: The Longest Fold-Out Coloring Book In the World $14.95, MoMA (with discount for members)
Don’t forget to shop museum shops which can use support this holiday! You can even find great deals like this one.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Metallic star leggings

Kids metallic star leggings $14, Primary
The sale section from this small, women-owned business is full of great deals like these!


DIY pin and flair kit: Kids gifts under $15

DIY pin and flair kit $14,95 Arch Supplies
From Yellow Owl Workshop,  kids love being able to decorate their own backpacks, caps and jackets


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Carli D'Amilio's Essentially Charli book for tweens

Essentially Charli, by Charli D’Amelio $13.28 Amazon or your local bookseller
If you have TikTok-ers on your list, they’ll know her.


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Create your own custom trading cards kit

Create your own Custom Trading Card Kit $12.99, Magic Beans
For the creative kid who already seems to have everything, this is brilliant!

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Wonder pouch for makeup, school supplies or travel

“Choose Kind” Wonder pouch $12, Out of Print
From one of our kids’ favorite books, made for stashing makeup, school supplies, spare change…

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Kids Pokemon watch

Pokémon LCD Watch $7.99, Target
He’s back! And, he’s telling time!


50+ gifts under $15 for kids: LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Kit

LEGO Avengers Iron Man building kit $9.84, Amazon
The only thing better than finding a cool gift for kids under $15 is finding one under $10.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: We Are All Greta book

We Are All Greta: Be inspired by Greta Thunberg to save the world,
Prices vary: NY Public Library store , Amazon, or your local bookstore
We love buying a book to support a library, and this one may help support the whole planet, too.

Also see: 11 inspiring children’s and YA books about historic women for our girls — and especially, our boys.

50+ gifts under $15 for kids: Blinger nail wand collection

Blinger Ultimate Nail Wand Collection $14.99, Amazon
Yes, we know it’s like totally plastic and silly but wow it’s fun and all of our kids want one. So, here you go.

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