I have a tween daughter (and it’s hard even saying that) who is shoe crazy. Clearly she takes after her mama that way. But I’ve learned if I get her cheap shoes, they hardly last through fall, let alone the school year.

One of the few brands that’s really done right by us is Umi, which are definitely a splurge, but I know get passed down to her sister too. In fact, we bought these suede kids’ loafers two years ago, and after two years and two girls and about a thousand trips to the playground, we only just had to retire them now.

Some of the styles are really wonderful, but it’s especially the boots I’m excited about, like these awesome Ada riding boots for girls. (Also in big girl sizes.) when she saw the description that read horse not included my daughter was sold. They fit her beautifully, have worn nicely so far, and she’s wearing them with everything from inexpensive Harajuku Mini skirts for Target to basic Gap skinny jeans–I kind of had to put the kibosh on wearing them with sweats on the days she has gym. But hey, she has her own style and I’m kind of losing power in that department.

My tip: size up a half-size and you’ll be in great shape.

umi motorcycle boots for kids | cool mom picks

I also like the motorcycle style Morrow Boots for kids, which are so hip in black, but soften a bit in two different shades of brown. As a lower bootie style, they’re a fantastic everyday shoe, especially with that rubber sole that let kids run around spontaneously, as kids should. Life is not actually a runway, even if they feel dressed for it.

umi studded cowboy boots for kids | cool mom picks

Or for a modern take on a cowboy boot for kids, mine were kind of begging for Umi’s Abbie Boots in either brown, black or a daring red. They have a really classic silhouette, only with leather and suede contrasting uppers, and little studs that possess some magical kid-attracting power.

Maybe next year, I told them. One splurgey pair of shoes a season for us is good. Especially when they last for eight seasons. –Liz

Find a great selection of high-quality kids’ boots that last, online from Umi.com. And thanks Umi for offering up a pair of boots for review. They’ve clearly gone over very, very well.

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