We love artists who help you project your unique self in fabulous and affordable style. And for fabulous mom keepsake jewelry (or for any woman, really) we especially heart the creative selections from Julian and Co.

We have fawned over their tiny monogrammed ringsmonogram charms, and trademark keepsake mom jewelry, and now they’ve got us with a new offering:  charming personalized number jewelry, just waiting for your digits.

Whether it’s your lucky number, the number of kids in your brood, the year you graduated or how many hours you were in labor (ha), these custom pieces in silver or white, yellow, or rose gold let you wear your lucky number proud. Each great piece can be personalized with from one to as many as seven numbers.

I’m totally tempted to wear 8675309, but that’s just me.

My favorite part about this personalized number jewelry is that unlike charm necklaces, it’s one consecutive chain that flows together, without a pendant. The sideways number seamlessly fits in and gives you a perfect and simple piece that’s easy to wear and great for layering. It’s also nice to know that additional numbers can be added at anytime, because well, we don’t always stop at that intended one kid, right? But hey, they’d be great gifts for a retiring teacher (the number of years at the school), a 16 for a teen’s Sweet Sixteen gift, or a lucky grandma.

Personalized number jewelry - silver necklace at Julian & Co

Prices begin at a just $49 for a sterling silver chain with one number which is very reasonable, and go up as you add different chain lengths and metals and more numbers. I’d say if you win the lottery, put your winning numbers in there. You’ll be able to afford it. 

Visit Julian & Co to create your own special personalized number jewelry. Remember to allow 2 weeks for delivery.