I’m the first to freak out over great superhero shirts for my kids (and myself), but there’s something to be said for actual heroes from history. Sure, Thor has a rad hammer, but Abraham Lincoln did real good in the world. So we’re digging these retro-stylish historical shirts for kids, with vintage images of heroes from history.


 Historical shirts for kids at Wee Rascals - Locomotive vintage onesie

Historical shirts for kids: Founding Fathers shirt at Wee Rascals

Historical shirts for kids: Moby Dick onesie at Wee Rascals

Wee Rascals¬†is a new mom-run business making stylish, US-made tees and onesies with designs based on old stamps, engravings, and books. There’s a small selection now, ranging from Sir Isaac Newton to Davy Crocket to the Founding Fathers.

While I¬†love the look and the concept, I definitely noticed that there are (as yet) no female heroes featured in the designs–or future female heroes shown as baby t-shirt models.¬†As much as we love to see our girls in Johnny Appleseed shirts, we’d love to see our sons in a Susan B. Anthony shirt too.¬†Still, I’d much rather my son aspire to be a Newton than a Hulk. I hope this is the start of lots more cool designs at the shop to come.¬†¬†

Find fun historical shirts for kids and babies online in the Wee Rascals shop. Check specific shirts for cotton and polyester content, keeping in mind that based on the listings, you should probably order up a full size.

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