With Father’s Day coming up, we know a lot of you are considering fancying up the shaving collection of the ¬†menfolk in your lives. So we’re thrilled to be teaming up with our newest sponsor,¬†Dollar Shave Club, who if you don’t know, is one super cool company. Just look at their website.¬†Go. Do it. We can wait.

Essentially Dollar Shave Club delivers¬†the best razors and coolest grooming supplies right to your doorstep every month,¬†all for¬†just a few bucks. (Thus, the name, get it?) These aren’t¬†just any products, by the way;¬†how could we not be smitten with a razor nicknamed¬†The Lover’s Blade, that even we could borrow?

On the DL. In an emergency. Of course.

However even the best shaving products are only as good as the the way you use them, which is why we sought out tips on¬†how to get the best shave at home. We were lucky to catch master barber¬†Alvin Ceballos¬†from the infamous¬†Rudy’s on Main¬†in Santa Monica, California which¬†is so popular we’re amazed he was able¬†spare the time. (Thanks Alvin!) He gave us his own tips on how he provides¬†the best shaves to¬†his long waiting list of customers. Share it with¬†the man in your life, so he get the best¬†shave at home–which kind of benefits you both, right?

Here’s what Alvin has to say. And when Alvin talks shaving, we all listen:

1. Always prep your skin. An unscented pre-shave oil is best to soften skin and coarse facial hair.

2. Gels or shaving creams instead of foams will generally get you the best results for at-home shaves.

How to get the best shave at home - 8 expert tips

3. Keep your face and hair warm. Hair reacts to heat by swelling, which is the easiest way to shave even the tiniest little stubble.

4. Always shave with the grain the first time around. Take your time and try to get as much as you can following your growth patterns.

5. For the second time around, shave across the grain or diagonal to your hair growth pattern using small movements, if your skin type allows.

6. Rinse throughly with cold water (the colder the better), and gently pat dry. Do not drag a towel across your face.

7. Always use alcohol-free aftershaves, but if your skin can handle it, an old-fashioned aftershave can bring back nostalgic memories of an old school traditional barbershop.

8. Relax! Remember, the skin is an organ and will react according to your mood.


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Our thanks to our partner ¬†Dollar Shave Club for offering such a cool Father’s Day gift idea,¬†his very own customizable Shave of the Month club. Also check out their cool¬†Dollar Shave Club gift cards¬†in case you aren’t sure whether he’s a 4X Guy or an Executive.


And if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, stop by and visit Master Barber¬†Alvin Ceballos at Rudy’s on Main¬†in Santa Monica. We’re sure he’d be happy to schedule a¬†shave and offer a friendly critique any at-home skills.¬†