A newborn’s sleep is something moms take seriously–as in don’t-you-dare-turn-that-vacuum-on seriously. So we spend a ton of time picking out the perfect crib, and not a whole lot of time thinking about the mattress. I’m here to tell you to shift your mindset.

We’ve loved Naturalmat for a long time for their completely non-toxic mattresses for little ones. If you’ve ever opened a new mattress for yourself and dealt with the fumes coming from it, then you understand why I’d rather my baby have a more eco-friendly option.

Naturalmat has been committed to making all their products by hand (in a factory surrounded by green fields and mooing cows, no less),  and they always use all natural materials. Now the Naturalmat Spring Mat is the newest addition to their line, and having tried it out for the last few weeks, here’s what I love about it: On one side of the mattress, you have the lambswool stuffing they’re known for, only now over coils for a firm but comfortable sleeping surface. The cotton cover is breathable, making for a cozy spot for a nap, plus it’s washable which comes in handy of course.

Now about those chemicals or lack thereof. Lambswool is a natural fire retardant, and the mattresses are treated with essential oils—lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender—to repel dust mites.  Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, which keeps dust mites at bay too. No need for toxic stuff here.


Naturalmat Top Mat | Cool Mom Picks

The Spring Mat is definitely not going to be in every parent’s price range at $499, although as I said, if you were considering a pricy crib you might think about Natural Mat instead. Plus, when your baby gets older, you can flip the mat over and use the natural latex side, which is more supportive, although still cushiony. Even my seven-year-old curled up on ours and claimed it was the most comfortable thing ever. I thought she might even take a nap. (A mama can dream.)

Alternatively, you can go for their Top Mat cover at $135, which is a breathable lambswool overlay that creates a chemical-free sleeping surface for your kids, no matter where you are.

Order the Naturalmat Spring Mat for $499 or the Naturalmat Top Mat for $135 at the NaturalmatUSA website. Thanks to the company for providing a sample for review.

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