I’m all for¬†any kind of online content that’s designed to empower and inspire women, from the MAKERS website we recently discovered on Cool Mom Tech to the wonderful stories of women through history brought to life on The Reconstructionists. But you don’t have to have made it into a history book (yet) to have a story that can inspire creativity or move someone to action. That’s what our friend Marisa Anne Cummings is striving for with her new endeavor,¬†Creative Thursday, the Show.

Creative Thursday: Artwork by Marisa Anne Cummings

You may know¬†Marisa better as the blogger¬†behind Creative Thursday, designer¬†of some of our favorite¬†lovely children’s art prints and decor¬†and author of one of our favorite¬†books to help kids get more creative.¬†But I am most excited for this weekly web series which is currently up for Kickstarter funding.

The aim is to feature long long form interviews with the most inspiring, interesting creative people–not just women, though¬†I think the show is¬†likely to appeal to mostly¬†women, along with some kindred spirit¬†menfolk in creative fields, and those awesome dudes who support the things we do.

So far interviewees include design gurus, jewelry designers, dancers, illustrators, crafters, authors, and even an NFL kicker turned film producer and photographer.

Creative Thursday web series: Fantastic project to fund on Kickstarter

Knowing Marisa, the content will be wonderful and each episode will be spectacularly produced, as you can tell from the few sample clips on the Kickstarter site.

The thing is, there are only a few days left to help! The Kickstarter ends October 5. If we can help Marisa reach her goal, the first six episodes will be in the can before you know it.

As a mother of girls who have a love of the arts, I am really hoping for this to get produced. I’d love to sit down with them and capture their imaginations by showing¬†them the kinds of things that so-called “regular people” have designed and created from scratch. Because sometimes the¬†not-so-famous people make it feel that much more accessible, and those aren’t the people getting featured regularly on broadcast TV.

Pledges start at $10, though I love the $85 package which gets you all kinds of Marisa’s beautiful goodies (shown above). And if you’ve got a cool brand or business, you can even become a sponsor of one of the episodes for a very reasonable pledge. That’s some creativity right there.

Learn more about¬†Creative Thursday, the Show¬†and help fund Marisa’s¬†Kickstarter with pledges starting at just $10. It’s bound to be awesome. But hurry! The campaign ends 10/5/14.¬†