I am so losing myself in this awesome collection of t-shirts on Fab.com from Stereotype Design. Each one describes a popular movie in a single sentence–like if you were a screenwriter, only you had to pitch the screenplay it just took you 12 years to write on Twitter in 140 characters.

Of course first place goes to the boombox reference.  (I just can’t quit you, Lloyd Dobler.) The geek in me loves the War Games tee and the Star Wars tee too. But you have to give a nod to A Christmas Story for the holiday season, right? It’s too fun to look at the tees and try to identify the film; even my kids got a bunch of them.

They come in men’s sizes, but I’d wear them. Just know if you buy one for yourself, you have to forgive people who you notice are staring at your chest a little too long.

Star Wars summary tee by Stereotype Designs

Ferris Bueller movie tee by Stereotype Design


One-sentence movie tees by Stereotype Designs. Can you guess the film?

A Christmas Story tee: The movie summed up in one sentence

My only complaint: Who the heck gave Ghostbusters only three stars? I mean Ghostbusters 2, sure.

Check out the selection of awesome movie tees from Stereotype Design on Fab.com – use our membership link to join if you’re not already a member. Great holiday shopping abounds!