Whether we like it or not, all of us parents become the family cook at some point, and even those of you who hate to cook know that it doesn’t get us out of it. (Darn kids and their need to eat.) These fab kitchen gadget gifts are some of my very favorites. They make the job a little bit easier, or at least more fun. And I imagine that every family cook—from the passionate to the uh…reluctant—will love having a cool new kitchen gadget like these.

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Kitchen gadget gifts: Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper
Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper ($19.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond)
Snack time gets a fun makeover with the original Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper. Making your own popcorn is super easy with this stove top gadget and you get to feel like a super parent for making it from scratch.


Kitchen gadget gifts: Electronic S'mores Maker at Sharper Image

Electronic S’mores Maker ($69.99 at Sharper Image)
You frequent readers know we have a big thing for s’mores recipes around here, and the classic campfire treat gets a (mostly) modern update with this Electronic S’mores Maker that allows you to make ooey gooey s’mores indoors. Even if it’s raining.


Kitchen gadget gifts: CakeBox at Food52

CakeBox ($56 at Food52)
If you have kids, I’m willing to bet that you’ve made—or at least transported—cupcakes. This clever, reusable pine box holds one 9-inch layer cake or 18 cupcakes. If nothing else, this is a great gift for school parents who have ever dealt with that anxiety of transporting  birthday cupcakes to the classroom.


Kitchen gadget gifts: Japanese enamel stock pot

Japanese Enamel Stock Pot ($130 at Poketo)
Any design-obsessed family cook will flip over this gorgeous pot (or any of the pieces in this collection), which happens to also be super functional and easy to clean. And you thought cookware couldn’t be sexy? Beautiful.


Kitchen gadget gifts: Spiral Vegetable Cutter

Spiral Vegetable Cutter ($34.15 at Amazon)
You will never again hear me say that a gadget is guaranteed to make vegetables fun for kids because, come on, you’re no fool. But this? This is as close as it gets. Let’s just say that the only way my picky eater will eat zucchini is if it has been transformed into spirals with this amazing vegetable cutter. He’s even willing to do the work himself. One of my favorites for sure.


Kitchen gadget gifts: Blendtec blender

Blendtec Blender ($279-&1,035 at Blendtec)
The Rolls Royce of blenders, this baby is a serious splurge. I have one myself as a professional food blogger, and truth be told, I cannot live without mine. It makes smoothies, soups, nut butters, juice, and so much more so easily. The Designer 725 is a great top-of-the-line choice for a family kitchen, but isn’t cheap at over $600. If you’re not looking for a splurge kitchen gadget gift, opt for a more pared down model, or even a refurbished blender. It’s still a worthy splurge but hurts a little less.


Kitchen gadget gifts: Herb Scissors | Cool Mom Picks

Herb Scissors ($10 at Mignon Kitchen Co.)
How many times have you skipped fresh herbs because you can’t stand the thought of chopping yet another ingredient? These affordable shears change that, saving time and showing you what a big difference just a little bit of fresh (culinary) herb can make. It’s a fantastic little hostess gift, or a cool stocking stuffer for a foodie at just $10.


Kitchen gadget gifts: Range Smart iPhone/iPad thermomete

Range Smart iPhone/iPad Thermometer ($70-130 at Food52)
This iPhone Thermometer is a perfect gift for the techie family cook—or the one who can’t figure out how to cook meat no matter what cookbooks are open on the kitchen counter. This cool, highly lauded gadget can seriously help a family say farewell to overcooked steak forever. Unless you like it that way. (But you shouldn’t.)


Kitchen gadget gifts: Plastic wrap alternatives

Reusable Plastic Wrap Alternatives (prices and stores vary)
I still think these awesome plastic wrap alternatives are brilliant. Think of them as cool gifts for the eco-conscious family cook who has everything. Hey, it could even make more room if you get rid of some of those plastic containers taking up cabinet space.



Kitchen gadget gifts: R Murphy Knives Pizza Rocker

Walnut Pizza Rocker ($45 at R. Murphy Knives )
Pizza is a weekly dinner at my house (yours too?) and while I don’t always make it from scratch, I always want to when I catch a glimpse of this gorgeous Pizza Rocker in my drawer. It’s so much hipper than a new chef’s knife. Especially for people who already own chef’s knives.

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