Holiday Gifts for Foodies Who Understand the Value of An $18 Handcrafted Gourmet Marshmallow


Gifts for foodies: handcrafted gourmet marshmallows

We love our foodie friends. Oh, how we love them. We may even have a few among us (ahem, Stacie) so we adore tracking down the kinds of holiday gifts that foodies will totally appreciate and adore beyond what you’d ever think, whether they like cooking, or just eating what other talented food artisans are creating.


handcrafted gourmet marshmallows

($22-38 at provisions by Food52)
Eat them and get it.


Gifts for foodies: acacia french honey

acacia french honey

($19 at Dean and Deluca)
Ooh, we’d go through this in about no time flat.


Gifts for foodies: dominique ansel: the secret recipes

dominique ansel: the secret recipes

($20.47 at Amazon)
If you don’t live within blocks of Dominique Ansel’s bakery in Soho–or just don’t want to get up at 5AM to wait on line for cronuts, maybe you can make your own. Or hey, looking at pictures of them is totally calorie free.


Gifts for foodies: antico frantoio muraglio intenso extra virgin olive oil

antico frantoio muraglio intenso extra virgin olive oil

($50 at Dean and Deluca)
The most beautiful bottle of EVOO we’ve seen, and what’s inside is pretty swell too.


Gifts for foodies: artisanal flavored sugars

artisanal flavored sugars

($26 at provisions by Food52)
With combos like lemon+grapefruit, and mint+cardamom, move over flavored salts.


Gifts for foodies: wooden tasting spoon set

wooden tasting spoon set

($48 at Leif)
Gorgeous on their own, or in the swirls of melted chocolate in a double boiler.

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Gifts for foodies: p&h soda syrups

p&h soda syrups

($10.50-12 each at Mouth)
Pair them with a Mastrad Pure Fizz Soda Maker for a really awesome foodie holiday gift. Maybe throw in some fancy straws.

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Gifts for foodies: craft beer chocolate bar set

craft beer chocolate bar set

($24 at chuao chocolatier)
Beer + chocolate? Oh yeah. Especially when the chocolate has potato chips in it. Trust us on this one.

Gifts for foodies: gourmet cooking classes

cooking class at a favorite local spot

($ varies)
We fell in love with the amazing instructors at Haven’s Kitchen this year; look for options where you live too.


Gifts for foodies: payard make your own macaron kit

payard make your own macaron kit

($49.50 at Payard)
Think you can out macaron-the macaron masters? Here’s your chance to try.

Gifts for foodies: gourmet natural barbecue sauce from Lillie's Q

all-natural gourmet barbecue sauce

($8-15, Lillie’s Q)
It’s almost too fancy to call it barbecue sauce.


Gifts for foodies: sriracha key chain

sriracha key chain

($15 / 3 bottles at Sriracha2Go)
The hipster holiday gift of the year. Instant foodie cred.


Gifts for foodies: one-year 13 moon gourmet chocolate subscription

one-year 13 moon gourmet chocolate subscription

($562 at Vosges)
We cannot get enough of Vosges chocolate–and don’t have to if someone hooks us up with a year’s worth of it.


Gifts for foodies: the french laundry or per se gift experience card

the french laundry or per se gift experience card

($750+ at Finesse, the Store)
There, there. Thomas Keller is going to make everything alright, baby.



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