There may be more talk of picky eaters than foodie kids, but some kids really dig food. I know for sure that these seemingly rare creatures exist because I happen to be mother to one. My older son loves eating, looking at food magazines, and is fearless in the kitchen. If you’ve got one like him on your hands too, and are like, eh, he has enough toys…then check out these fun ideas for holiday food gifts for kids.

And come to think of it, take a look at these holiday food gifts even if you have a picky eater. Sometimes giving kids their own cooking tools and food choices makes food more fun and reluctant eaters more willing. And, anyway, what kid is going to be bummed about getting a personal ice cream maker or a chocolate making kit?

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Holiday food gifts for kids: Zoku ice cream maker

Zoku Personal Ice Cream Maker ($25.95 exclusively at Williams-Sonoma)

Hooray! Our beloved friends at Zoku,  have done it again with their one-bowl ice cream maker. In 10 minutes, your foodie kid can whip up a customized bowl of soft serve, frozen yogurt, sherbet, or sorbet. Boom! Not that the original Zoku personalized ice pop maker wouldn’t be a welcome holiday gift for kids too.

Holiday gifts for foodie kids: Molecular gastronomy kit from Molecule-R | Cool Mom Pick

DIY Molecular Gastronomy Kit ($49.95 at Amazon)

If your kid is beyond the age at which ice cream is the most exciting gift on earth (whatever age that is), perhaps she’s ready for the R-Evolution Molecular Gastronomy Kit by Molecule-R Cuisine. This beginner set, which is like a science kit for the kitchen, includes pre-measured food additives, five specialized tools, and a 50-recipe DVD that’ll help your budding chef make mint caviar and chocolate spaghetti like a top chef. So cool!

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Holiday gifts for foodie kids: KidStir Winter Wonderland Cookie Kit

Winter Wonderland Cookies Kit ($24.95 at KidStir)

Younger foodies not quite ready for molecular experimentation can get in the kitchen with monthly KidStir subscription., one of my favorite of the ubiquitous subscription boxes for kids. Their seasonal Winter Wonderland box includes 3 cookie recipes, plus instructions on how to make buttercream, decorate sugar cookies, and make a snow globe in a jar as a gift. If this sounds right up your kid’s alley, just remember you’ll probably benefit from it too.

[UPDATE: Unfortunately this cookie kit is such a big hit, it’s sold out for now! Please take a look at the Bake Me Happy kit as a terrific alternative.]

Holiday gifts for foodie kids: Little Pizza Garden

Little Pizza Egg Carton Garden ($11.95 at Backyard Safari Co.)

This adorable egg carton garden by Sunny-Side UP Gardens includes everything you need to grow ingredients for pizza, well besides the crust. There are seeds for tomatoes, basil, oregano, bell pepper, and even Italian parsley. If your child like this, you can send them to a cheese making workshop next year. No, I’m not kidding either.

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Holiday gifts for foodie kids: Personalized chef's coat at Sugarfootboutique on Etsy

Personalized Chef’s Coat ($48 at Sugarfootboutique on Etsy)

Sometimes you’ve got to dress for culinary success. This long sleeved, personalized chef’s coat is a perfect holiday gift for a little foodie. It comes in little kid sizes so that your junior chef can run the kitchen looking like a boss.


Holiday gifts for foodie kids: Make your own chocolate kit by Glee Gum

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit ($12.20 at Amazon)

This awesome kit by Glee Gum was a recommendation of ours years ago and it’s still a great kit with great reviews. It contains everything you need to make 8 ounces of pure happiness, er, I mean, dark chocolate. Fair trade chocolate, even. Unlike other science-y cooking kits, this one also touches on the culture and history of chocolate making. (There’s even a lesson plan for educators!) Be warned that parent supervision is recommended, but I say that’s a good thing: You earn a bite of the final product.


Holiday gifts for foodie kids: Cooking classes for kids

Cooking Classes for Kids (price and location vary)

Also one of our holiday gift ideas for food-loving adults, an experience class like a cooking lesson is always a joy. However more and more cities around the U.S. are seeing kids’ cooking classes and studios pop up because the interest is growing. Check out the great list of cooking schools and classes at which can help you find one near you for your chef-in-training. Pictured here and above: a Cool Mom Picks Cooking Class at NYC’s Haven’s Kitchen including our own kids. We can vouch for it ourselves!

And of course, don’t miss our gifts for foodies of the adult variety in our Holiday Gift Guide.