Maybe you’ve been there, too–out holiday shopping or enjoying a lovely family day when your kid hops out of the stroller and down it goes. Thanks, overstuffed stroller bag! There is a chance that tipped strollers could be a thing of the past with SureShop, a new stroller bag designed to keep your baby’s vehicle upright no matter the cargo.

This reusable shopping bag connects to the back and sides of your stroller with a simple clip. It redistributes weight up to ten pounds on each side of the stroller, keeping it standing. I really like the handle pocket that holds the bag straps in place on an umbrella stroller, keeping your bag from slipping down around the handlebars then dragging along the ground.

Yep. Been there.

ShopShop no-tip stroller bag

If you are already in the habit of carrying a reusable shopping bag, then this is a nice little addition to your parenting gear arsenal for just $16. We’re willing to bet someone next to you in the checkout line will ask you where you got it.

The SureShop reusable stroller bag is available over at Hatch Things. Hop on over to watch the video of how it works.