As we get ready to welcome our newest bundle I have been catching up on all the hip and inventive baby gear that has surfaced in the past 5 years. Of course, the stroller is one of the most essential pieces, so I have been taking my time on this one. The brand new Nuna MIXX stroller is a strong contender from my recent test drives.

The Nuna MIXX stroller is solid for my new task of keeping up with a baby and a kindergartner.  I love the sleek, modern look, but my favorite part of this Dutch-inspired design is the seating flexibility. The seat itself is reversible, so with a simple click you can reposition it to have baby face you or face away. Very cool. The seat positioning is fully adjustable all the way from flat sleeping to various stages of recline, all of which you can easily change with just one hand. This will be great as baby goes through her developmental stages.


The Nuna MIXX stroller folds for storage


Nuna MIXX stroller modes

The more I play with this stroller I see it’s like a tricked out mobile super recliner for babies. The ride works on “progressive suspension technology”, and it is really smooth no matter what the terrain. The MIXX folds and opens easily, as you can see in their demo video. As an apartment dweller I wish it had a slightly smaller footprint when folded, but with this many bells and whistles I am not surprised it doesn’t break down more. On closer inspection I found the larger wheels do pop off pretty easily allowing for a slightly more compact fold. It’s a tad on the heavy side at 25 pounds, so I might end up keeping my old umbrella stroller on hand for quick errand running.

The Nuna MIXX stroller’s price is in line with many of its competitors at $500. And if you think it’s the little things that count, it also comes with a fitted rain cover and infant seat adapter (if you plan to pair it with their PIPA car seat). It’s nice not to have to pay more for those extras.

This is a very reliable and solid stroller that will get you and baby to the park or on a full day excursion in comfort and style.

The Nuna MIXX stroller is now available online in two colors blue or black (or as they refer to them “mykonos” and “caviar”) at the Nuna webstore and at select retailers. Thank you to Nuna for providing us a sample to review.

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