I’ve always loved the Chinese Zodiac and not just because I’m a Chinese American. I am fascinated by the¬†history of the signs and their meanings. So with the Chinese New Year just a couple of days away, we thought it would be fun to round-up cool Year of the Sheep baby gifts.¬†If you¬†happen to be expecting a¬†little baby lamb (we’ll go with the lamb instead of the ram) in 2015 or¬†know someone who is, here are some wonderful Year of the Sheep baby gifts to help celebrate. Kung Hei Fat Choi!


Year of the Sheep baby gifts: Wooly the sheep knit dolls from Blabla kids

The beautiful knit dolls from BlaBla Kids have been a favorites of my own kids, all made by fair-trade artisans from super soft cotton. Their Wooly the Sheep doll comes in a few different size and will make the perfect bedtime companion.


Year of the Sheep baby gifts: Baby sheep mobile from Pingvini on Etsy

Baby mobiles have come a long way from when our children were babies and wow, that’s a good thing. Handmade in Denmark all from organic materials, I love how this handmade sheep mobile from Etsy’s Pingvini shop¬†can easily be used over a crib, and then over a toddler bed.

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Year of the Sheep baby gifts: Birth year blocks from Tree by Kerri Lee

¬†I’ve been fortunate enough to receive the birth year blocks by Tree by Kerri Lee, a gift idea we’ve featured here on Cool Mom Picks for many years now and for good reason. This is a¬†sweet, thoughtful, but very affordable keepsake gift that will be treasured for many years to come. Even if¬†your child draws on them with crayons. (Hint: Keep them up high and away from toddlers).

Year of the Sheep Baby gifts: Cotton sheep baby blanket from Lilleputt Studio

¬†This sweet sheep baby blanket is making me wish I had my own baby to swaddle. Made from soft cotton jersey, it’s great for all seasons. And I just love the tiny hint of purple in the flowers against the neutral background and sheep.

Year of the Sheep baby gifts: S is for Sheep onesie from bioME5

I’ve been a fan of the organic¬†alphabet shirts and onesies from BioME5 for a long time now which are more about teaching kids about the actual animals of this planet as opposed to their cartoon versions. The S is for Sheep onesie is perfect for a Year of the Sheep baby. Even better if his or her name happens to start with an S–but certainly not required.


Year of the Sheep baby gifts: Handmade sheep mobile by Bossy's Feltworks

¬†I know, I know another mobile but I couldn’t pass this made to order handmade sheep mobile¬†from Bossy’s Feltworks. Each piece is custom made just for your baby, and wow,¬†I just love the subtle rainbow detail in the strings.


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Year of the Sheep baby gifts: The Year of the Sheep book by Oliver Chin

Every year we share author Oliver Chin’s new¬†Tales from the Chinese Zodiac book, so we’d be remiss not to mention 2015’s¬†¬†Year of the Sheep, which is a wonderful addition to any baby’s library. The best part is that you can pull it out and¬†enjoy it¬†for years, even when she’s¬†old enough to read it herself. Sniffle.


Year of the Sheep baby gifts: Organic sheep bib from Urban Baby Organics

For little droolers, I’m digging this organic sheep baby bib, handmade in Portland by Urban Baby Organics.¬†It¬†would be cute for a little girl or a little boy, making it a cool shower gift too. I always had a love/hate relationship with bibs, but in the end, I appreciated having them during the teething phases, which, now that I think of it, were pretty much the entire first two years.