My kids have a penchant for falling in love with tiny things. I can’t blame them; I’m the very same way. The smaller and cuter a toy happens to be, the more we all adoreĀ it. So how could we resist the heart-meltingly adorable creations over at the Little Bellwoods Etsy shop? Short answer: We can’t.

Every little stuffed animal is cuter than the next. Skunks, foxes, and, well, the cutest toy birds I have ever seen in my entire life. And every little one is made by hand –and obviously with love, too– by a CanadianĀ mom. (Toronto, represent!)

Handmade tiny plush birds from Etsy's Little Bellwoods

Cute tiny handmade plush dolls at Little Bellewoods on Etsy

I’ll be honest; I haven’t even shown this amazing Etsy shop to my kids yet,Ā because I know as soon as they see it, they’re going to want every single little stuffed animal they see. Which is pretty much how I already feel. I think I’m going to save this one in my back pocket and make their day with a Fat Birdy in a bunny hat when they least expect it. Of course, I’ll probably have to get one for myself, too. It’s only fair.

Get your own tiny stuffed animal toy from Little Bellwoods. While you’re there, learn about Toronto’s famous albino squirrel. (I’m not making that up – they really are kind of famous here) and maybe even get a tiny albino squirrel of your own.