My beach bum son loves everything about the beach except for the one thing that actually gives him beach bum: That mesh insert in his bathing suit. (I know, we’re very clever.) So, I’m so very thankful to find NoNetz swim trunks for boys that are made to do away with that irritating and chafing mesh liner so that boys can get back to the important business of sandcastle building and wake boarding.

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Manufactured in Brooklyn, NoNetz Anti-Chafe Swimwear is mainly made for men, so our grownup boys can chill out comfortably by the pool or ocean too. But it’s the one style for boys, The Splash swim trunks, that I’m so happy about. It comes in five bold color combinations with a soft, non-compression liner.  No spandex, no lycra. Meaning it’s also great for kids with sensory challenges or who are texture sensitive. And the anti-bacterial material is quick to dry, so the suit the kids wear today will be ready to wear again tomorrow.

I only wish the Splash started in sizes smaller than size six since I imagine there are plenty of younger boys who would appreciate a no-net style too.


No chafe swim trunks for boys from NoNetz: There's a soft liner, not mesh inside

Now as you might expect, you’ll pay a premium for the small company’s US-made swimsuits over a pair you could grab from the big-box store. But I for one know my son will be really grateful for the splurge. Especially on day three of a week-long beach vacation.

NoNetz Anti-Chafe swim trunks for boys and men is available at their website.