This week on SPAWNED, we talk about sending our oldest daughters off to sleepaway camp, the good, the bad, and the hilarious. And wow, we’ve gotten so many amazing emails from our listeners thanking us for giving you new-ish parents hope that it does get better — so we thought we’d share our own newborn stories and advice for surviving these years. Hope our walk down postpartum, leaky boobed, sleep-deprived memory lane can help you! And as always, we close the show with our cool picks of the week, which includes a funny discussion about adult popsicles. Hmmmmm.

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Links from SPAWNED Episode 9

To help you feel better about your own tough newborn days, we shared a couple of ours, like when Kristen’s oldest daughter Quinlan broke her leg because she was following her mom out of the room instead of going to bed. And then two months later, her daughter broke her clavicle.

Liz wrote about being a reluctant co-sleeper, which we’re sure so many of you can relate to.

Sleep positions of new parents from How To Be A Dad: Can you relate?

Speaking of co-not-sleeping, our friends Andy Herald and Charlie Capen from How to be a Dad wrote The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions: Survival Tips for Co-Sleeping Parents that pretty much nails it.

Kristen shares her experience with PPD (Postpartum Depression) and how much she wished Katherine Stone’s Postpartum Progress had been around when her kids were babies. It’s a fabulous resource for new mothers and the complex emotions and difficult changes they may feel after they give birth.

The best parenting advice for new parents from our own readers: They say it better than we could.

We love this Stroller Traffic list of 25 essential links for new parents, which hey, happens to include our new food site Cool Mom Eats.


Kristen’s Cool Picks of the Week: Parker’s Crazy Cookies: Custom cookies based on a photo of a person. C’mon, aren’t these awesome?!

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: The Zoku popscicle maker makes popsicle in a matter of minutes, even if the ones above take a little more work.


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