How cool is this world map muslin baby blanket from Modern Burlap? I saw it and was instantly taken with this shop, that features some truly lovely baby gifts. Some nearly as cool as the map. (Ha. No, really lots of them are cool. It really is a great shop.) What makes their designs special though, is that the entire collection is in black in white.

Not just is that totally on trend for both home and nurseries, but it’s smart. After all, what colors do babies see best? Exactly.

Take a look at some of the adorable baby blankets in the shop and see why it’s a fun site. And not just because of the extra-cute baby models on those blankets.

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Black and white organic muslin baby blankets in tons of cute patterns at Modern Burlap

XO black and white baby blanket from Modern Burlap

Organic baby blanket with black and white ice cream cones. Adorable!

Be the change...Ghandi quote on an organic baby blanket makes a very thoughtful shower gift

Black and white trees swaddle blanket: 100% organic cotton muslin
Black and white striped organic cotton muslin baby blanket at Modern Burlap: So fabulous!

Modern Burlap makes lovely 100% organic cotton blankets in baby-friendly black and white deisgns


Don’t worry, Modern Burlap’s blankets and swaddlers not actually made from burlap.  Just 100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin, made through eco-friendly manufacturing processes. And we love that it’s all prewashed making it so soft for a baby’s sensitive skin. And hey, those gorgeous simple prints don’t hurt either.

Look around the shop and you’ll also see some adorable reversible blankets and more. Is this like Instagram-ready baby gear or what?