I’ve been searching for the perfect gift for my niece this Christmas. You know, the one that will make me the favorite aunt. (Kidding. Well, kind of.) As I was scouring Etsy, I found these adorable handmade superhero dolls at La Loba Studio, and I think they was  make an amazing heirloom gift at a great price.

Emese, the Hungarian artist who creates these dolls, has such a fun eye for color and personality. I love that so many of these dolls celebrate adventure and strength with their superhero capes and masks on. And yet they are sweet and cuddly and excellent bedtime companions, unlike the action figures out there which are a little pointier in the limb department.

If you don’t see one that’s exactly as you’re hoping for, you can request a custom order. Because what kid shouldn’t think she’s a superhero in her own mind?

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Custom handmade superhero dolls from La Loba Studios are a beautiful, keepsake Christmas present.

Pink-haired handmade superhero doll from La Loba Studio: You can customize your order too!

Adorable handmade superhero rag dolls from La Loba Studio in both boy and girl styles


There are also rag dolls in the shop with crowns or cute sidekicks. And I’m excited to see boy dolls represented here, since my preschool son has been asking for one so he can play with his older sister. That mustache kills me!

Take note: these dolls ship from Hungary, so we’d suggest ordering sooner than later (as in, now) if you want them for Christmas. And be sure to check the artist on timing for custom dolls before you order. Sometimes it’s okay opening an IOU for Christmas or Hanukkah, but sometimes — you know, kids really want that toy.

You can find the complete collection of handmade super hero dolls and accessories at the La Loba Studio  Etsy shop.