From the day that launched we were like…whoa! If we had come up with a Cool Mom Eats retail site it would be just that — wonderfully curated gourmet food gifts and subscriptions, all from the best artisanal indie makers from around the country. So we’re beyond thrilled to announce a new partnership: Kristen and I teamed up with Mouth, came up with some super fun ideas, and put together 3 really awesome food gift bags of our own that we thought our readers would really love.

Plus, our readers save 10% off everything at Mouth with code CMP10 But we think you should start with these three, which are perfect for anyone on your list who happens to like delicious things.



Holiday hostess gifts: Santa's Secret Stash Holiday Gift Pack by Cool Mom Picks for Mouth

Santa’s Secret Stash Holiday Gift Stocking 

We have a contact at the North Pole (shh…we’ve been sworn to secrecy) who hooked us up with the good stuff. You know, let the kids have the cheap chocolate; this is what the Claus family saves just for those on the extra-extra-extra nice list. What, you didn’t know about the extra-extra-extra nice list? This adorable stocking is packed with the most high end, amazing, chocolate everything like a Candied Ginger Dark Chocolate bar from On Dasher on Ginger Chocolate; Nutty Steph’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar; a gourmet chocolate bar from Fika, a pure dark milk organic chocolate bar from Tcho and…salivating yet? Exactly.

Who’s it for: Your sigOth; every one of your in-laws; the awesome holiday party hosts who deserve more than a bottle of wine; your kids’ favorite teachers (just say no to mugs); your hard-to-shop-for cousins; your long-distance BFF who you haven’t called in way too long; any relative who has to play Santa in full costume on Christmas; your nanny or full-time sitter who needs a little something to go with that big fat bonus check.


Best new mom gift: The Fourth Trimester gourmet gift basket from Mouth and Cool Mom Picks: All the forbidden foods (and booze!) that she was deprived of for 40 weeks

The Fourth Trimester Gourmet Gift Collection

If you know someone who just spent 40 or so long (oh so looooong) weeks deprived of stinky cheeses, delicious cured meats,  loads of caffeine, and top shelf-booze, we think this is the perfect way to make up for lost time. If she has a fantastic palate and a great sense of humor it helps too! We put together a seriously great assortment that’s like a cocktail party in a bag. And if you’ve never had the outrageous Vermont Creamery Cremont Cheese, Jacques Torres Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans, or California’s Square One organic Botanical Vodka infused with pear, rose, camomile, and lemon verbena — well, you’d better hope she invites you over to share. It also comes with some of the best prosciutto, though this week only, you can order it with Charlito’s Black Truffle Salami. Yum.


Who’s it for: Any woman about to have a baby; any woman who’s had a baby in the last 10 years; any woman on her second, third or fourth baby and has enough receiving blankets; any new parents who could use a date night in, big time.


The ultimate coffee lover's gourmet gift: Up All Night features everything coffee and coffee flavored, from morning til night.

Up All Night Gourmet Caffeine Assortment

Whether you know a student who could use help with finals week, new parents with those telltale bags under their eyes, or that one awesome person who’s volunteered to host 18 relatives for the holidays, we loved putting together this amazing coffee-lover’s gift! It’s beautifully packaged with seven carefully curated and supremely delicious caffeine-infused treats to enjoy from morning to night.  Start the day with Brooklyn Roasting Co’s amazing Sumatra coffee, move onto treats like chocolate espresso cookies and cold brew coffee goat’s milk caramels, snack on Roni-Sue’s Chocolate and Coffee Caramel Corn, and if you still need a kick, savor Jacques Torres’ own chocolate-covered espresso beans which are no strangers to Cool Mom Picks headquarters.

Who’s it for:  Your favorite college student; the family who has to wrap Hanukkah gifts for eight straight nights; a couple with a new baby who shows no signs of sleeping through the night until he’s in high school; your BFF who’s switching back from decaf with a vengeance; that one friend who has to work through the holidays; the OB who delivered your baby at midnight; your favorite Netflix-addicted binge watcher who needs to get through just one more episode of The Walking Dead…even though it’s 2AM; pretty much any adult anywhere.


Shop the three Cool Mom Picks curated gourmet gift collections at  save 10% with code CMP10! (Psst…that’s good for anything at Mouth, but we happen to be partial to these three gifts above.)

To make things easier, you can even order then now then specify a later ship date, should you want them in time for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any particular day in December