Okay so maybe we didn’t completely buy those pastel Pantone colors of the year during the winter. But now? Spring! And just in time, BabyBjörn is totally on trend with a new line of baby gear they call the BabyBjörn Watercolor Collection. In fact, I get a little daydream-y just looking at all those icy blues and soft turquoises, and not because I’m jonesing for a new baby to stick in their carriers. 

(Though if you have one, I’ll gladly ooh and ahh at you.)

Not every color is available for every item. Like you’ll find our highly recommended BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light in a deep blue only, but I’d say darker is a wise choice for baby travel gear. The Baby Bouncer Balance Mesh comes in three pretty blues. The Baby Carrier One seems to offer the widest selection with four colors, but that includes the kind of meh “coral crab” that I’m not a big fan of.

What can I say, I’m a winter.

Actually, the more I look it at, it’s more like a water color collection than watercolors, per se, since the colors all seem to fall into an oceanic kind of theme. But you know. Pretty.

Babybjorn is out with a gorgeous new Watercolor collection of baby gear!

The new Babybjorn watercolor collection: Travel cribs, baby carriers, bouncers in pretty blues and corals

Babybjorn Watercolor Collection: Carriers, travel cribs, bouncers in pretty new colors

The one thing: This is a limited edition collection, so grab them now while you can. By September you’ll be back in black. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Find the new BabyBjörn watercolor collection of baby gear on their website, websites like Giggle and your local indie baby boutique, available through September 2016. And bonus! Download their free printable sea animal coloring pages for the older kiddos. We hear they like that stuff.