One of the coolest gift ideas I’ve ever seen for bibliophiles — besides another book, of course — is Litographs’ literary tees that beautifully transpose the text of your favorite novel and print it, in its entirety, across a cotton tee (trust us, it looks even prettier than it sounds). And now, through a very successful Kickstarter, Litographs is coming out with the ability to customize your text with (almost) anything you choose on one of their comfy tees or an infinity scarf.

Litographs can reprint any text in the public domain, including song lyrics, famous speeches, plays, historical works, and even the list of endangered words for your smartypants friend with the best vocabulary.

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But what I love most is that you can now celebrate your niece’s degree in English lit by reprinting her dissertation on a tee shirt. Or, you can print that poem your son wrote for your birthday on a colorful infinity scarf. A list of favorite vintage wines? The first 40,000 digits of Pi? Your bucket list? Yep, you can print all that too.

Litographs custom literary tees and scarves make great gifts for book lovers

Litographs custom literary tee shirts and scarves make great gifts for book lovers

Depending on the font size and style you choose, Litographs can fit between 2,000–40,000 words, from a size that is viewable across the room to so small it’s legible only at close range, which is a nice option if you’re reprinting something, uh, private. And if you choose something short — a favorite saying or a personally penned haiku — they’ll just duplicate it to fill the space (so make sure it’s something worth repeating).

A custom-text scarf or tee costs just $40, making it a totally affordable and really unique gift. Though keep in mind that these literary pieces of art won’t publish until later this summer. So this isn’t something you can pull off as a last-minute Mother’s Day gift but you can get way (way) ahead on your holiday shopping.

Check out Litographs’ custom scarves and tees on Kickstarter. The campaign will end on May 12, with shipping scheduled for August 2016.