We’re fond of baby rain ponchos as easy, pull-on-and-off alternatives to the traditional raincoats with all those snaps and buttons. You too? Well then your rainy day blues are about to¬†get a little brighter since we discovered these¬†bright and totally charming¬†baby rain ponchos¬†from Seattle-based small biz, Satsuma Designs.

We’ve been fans of this¬†company for a long time now, since featuring their gorgeous bamboo blankets¬†wayyyy back in the dark ages 2007. But we think their USA-made rain¬†ponchos for babies take cuteness to a whole other level. With six different designs and an easy-to-wear style, you’ll be out strolling in the rain in no time.

And hey, they even roll to stash easily in a diaper or under a stroller so you can fake being one of those always-prepared moms, at least in this case.

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Satsuma Designs baby rain ponchos in the Russian nesting dolls pattern

Satsuma Designs Baby Rain Ponchos in the fox pattern

You’re in luck if you’re shopping for¬†babies up to 12 months of age (sorry toddlers!) since each of the gorgeous designs, on-trend design (Nesting dolls! Foxes)¬†slip right over the head, so no wrangling¬†fit squirming arms into sleeves. They’re also generously made to fit right over baby carriers or other cool weather outerwear — smart!

Plus, the¬†comfy¬†waterproof cotton is also designed with¬†stay-put velcro at the butterfly sleeves and neck to keep¬†raindrops from¬†sliding inside, because there’s nothing quite like buckets of rain to bring your mood down. Especially when you’re a baby with no control of the weather whatsoever. Sorry kids.

Check out the adorable USA-made baby rain ponchos from Satsuma Designs on their website.