We all know that theme parks, playgrounds, and big outdoor events can be pretty overwhelming places to bring younger children, especially if you have several to keep track of. And big distractions like fireworks, cotton candy, and costumed characters certainly don’t make it any easier to keep anyone from wandering off.

Which is why we think these new Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoos we found from MadelinesBox on Etsy are genius.

In the off-chance your child does stray from your side, whoever finds your little one will know exactly who to call, even if they’re too young to have it memorized. Our editor Liz shared the original  “in case of emergency” temporary tattoos for kids from the same maker last year and we’re still finding these to be incredibly clever, and now with more styles, colors and design options, from florals to stripes, polkadots, and colorful animal prints.

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These emergency contact temporary tattoos from MadelinesBox look like cute little watches and come printed with your contact info

Unlike an emergency contact bracelet,I like that these can’t be lost or broken. And they’re expected to last an entire day until they’re scrubbed off.

Because the set you order comes custom printed with your phone number, they’re not really a bargain option. But for families who travel quite a bit this summer, or have plans to hit a few crowded summer spots, the peace of  mind — and the total cuteness — could be worth the price.

Order your personalized Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo set from MadelinesBox on Etsy. Allow at least 10 days to receive your order.