We’re already big fans of To The Market: Survivor-Made Goods, which produces the most gorgeous accessories, home goods, and toys. A couple of years ago, our editor Liz featured the store and its mission to support causes such as the fight against abuse, poverty, and genocide. And it’s all too easy to get lost in this online store filled with beautiful handcrafted jewelry, cashmere scarves, and hand-stitched sari throws, especially knowing every item is economically empowering these survivors and amazing artisans.

Now, To The Market has partnered with MULXIPLY to create a new line I can’t stop cooing over: these adorable stuffed elephants, dogs, and giraffes, all hand-felted by female artisans in Nepal who might otherwise be at risk of exploitation, poverty, and even slavery. So this is a gift that both giver and recipient can feel pretty great about.

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To The Market handfelted elephants come individually or as a pair.

I think each item, which is made from raw and natural-dyed wool, would be the perfect adornment for a modern newborn nursery. And when your child outgrows the crib, these soft, sweet animals are ready-made for snuggling too.

To find out more about To The Market and MULXIPLY, or to snag your own felted animal, check out To The Market website.