This week on Spawned with Kristen + Liz we’re talking back to school! It’s awesome! And yet…it’s exhausting! Take a listen as we commiserate, laugh, offer helpful tips, and gawk¬†at the most insane first day of school traditions that we found on Pinterest. (The backpack fairy? Seriously?)

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Some of the topics we talk about in episode 47

Cool back to school goodies in our 2016 back to school shopping guide.

Free printables for back to school including the weekly calendar Liz discussed.

Printable chore charts to help with busy mornings

Kristen on the TODAY Show sharing 5 brilliant hacks for easier mornings with kids

11 make-ahead breakfast ideas for easier school mornings

7 tips to help kids pack their own lunches in the morning

5 sandwich alternatives to make kids lunches more fun

Liz’s annual first day/last day of school brick wall photos¬†of her kids. A not-ready-for-Pinterest idea that any parent can do!



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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Liz: Holly McNish’s powerful “Embarrassed” Breastfeeding Video by Independent Films

Kristen: T-Fal Non-Stick One Egg Wonder Fry Pan ($5.47 from our affiliate Amazon)


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*Spoiler alert: Kristen did, in fact, make it¬†through the podcast after drinking that entire bottle of probiotic kefir. We know you’re relieved.


Top photo: Angelina Litvin via Unsplash