Sara Blakely has been fantastically successful helping us hide our post-baby bellies with her magical Spanx products, but now she’s asking women to show off their bellies all in the name of charity.

Her new book, The Belly Art Project, is a fun gift that gives back to new moms who need our help the most. Plus it gives back a sense of humor to our pregnant friends who just might need a few laughs to get through those grueling last few weeks of pregnancy. I remember; it’s rough.

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In the book, moms as diverse as Kate Winslet, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Milla Jovovich, and Joy Cho go under the paintbrush to create clever and funny pregnant belly portraits, all to benefit Christy Turlington’s non-profit Every Mother Counts which works to provide access to better healthcare for mothers worldwide and reduce global maternal mortality rates.

The Belly Art Project by Sara Blakely, a fun book that gives back to moms in need.

From Sara Blakely's The Belly Art Project, benefitting Every Mother Counts

From the Belly Art Project book, supporting Every Mother Counts + moms in need

Amazing pregnancy art (and costume ideas?) from The Belly Art Project book

The Belly Art Project: Featuring hilarious photos of moms-to-be and their painted bellies!

Take a look at the whimsical, fun portraits of moms-to-be like Joy Cho (and help moms in need) with The Belly Art Project by Sara Blakely

I think this book would be a terrific baby shower gift, or even a meaningful holiday gift for a special mom you know who loves giving back. I might even get one for my own OB, who was a rockstar at bringing my kids into the world.

You can find The Belly Art Project by Sara Blakely at our affiliate Amazon, or check your local bookstore. You can get in on the action too — just in time for Halloween — by buying the DIY kit to paint your own belly at The Belly Art Project website