Let’s face it: women are rad. At everything — from sports to science, and painting and political activism.¬†And since so much of our history focuses on men, and the Eurocentric ones at that, we love books that introduce us to new heroines from places beyond our daily view.

Which is why I am so stoked to have found Rad Women Worldwide, written and illustrated by the women behind another of our favorites and New York Times bestselling, Rad American Women A-Z.

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This awesome book¬†is a beautiful and dynamic one¬†highlighting 40 fierce¬†women from around the world who did (and are still doing!) amazing things. Each woman is depicted¬†in a gorgeous cut-paper illustration by artist Miriam Klein Stahl and a carefully researched, captivating bio — including quotes, facts, and statistics — by Kate Schatz. I so much appreciate that the book is written for everyone — highly informative but perfect for reading out loud to our kids.

I like to think I’m really clued into feminists, but this book has me excited to learn about even more women fighting the good fight.

Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl.

Malala Yousafzai is definitely a rad woman | Rad Women Worldwide

What I was especially drawn to in Rad Women Worldwide¬†is that the book focuses a lot on women making history through art. Whether it’s British punk rocker Poly Styrene, America’s Guerrilla Girls, Mexico’s Frida Kahlo, Colombia’s Bastardilla, or Nigeria’s Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the author’s selection of heroines supports my belief¬†that books, music, and art¬†can truly change the world. Venus and Serena Williams are in there too. As are plenty of political heroines, scientists, and worldwide women leaders.

And in case you and your kids want to continue your social studies of strong females who have and are currently making big changes in the world, the author has included another 250 rad women, listed by country, at the end of the book.

It’s a great read for nast¬†— I mean, rad women everywhere. And girls. And boys. And men. And everyone else.

You can find Rad Women Worldwide at our affiliate Amazon or check your local indie bookstore.