The spring cleaning bug has hit, and I’m getting ready to tackle my kids’ closets. It’s a big job. And today of all days, being that it’s Earth Day, I’m inspired to¬†think greener when it comes to my kids’ clothes.

While I’m not a fan of harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process right up against my kids’ sensitive skin all day (especially the younger ones), I know that replacing entire closets with only organic children’s clothing is insanely expensive.

So we’re not going to do that.

But if you do want to indulge in a few special items, here are some brands we love, that¬†can have some impact on the planet and maybe do a little good for your¬†family’s¬†skin, too.

Just know we’re barely scratching the surface here! Be sure not to miss dozens of posts about¬†fabulous organic baby and kids clothing¬†we’ve covered over the years.

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Top: Go Gently Nation organic kids clothes

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1. Hanna Andersson

Organic clothes for kids: Wonder Woman pjs at Hanna Andersson

Organic clothes for kids: Star Wars undies at Hanna Andersson

Ever open a box of clothing delivered from a big mall chain and recoil from the smell of the chemicals that emanate from it when you open all the plastic wrap? That’s because there are chemicals in there.

If you¬†do see an impact on your kids’ skin from the¬†chemicals in a lot of mass-produced clothing, I’d suggest switching¬†to the basics first: Underwear and PJs can definitely be worth the extra $$, especially if you’ve got sensitive girls who are prone to rashes.


The organic layette items and pajamas I’ve purchased from¬†Hanna Andersson¬†have lasted through multiple kids — literally for years! They have the most basic of basics — like plain white onesies and neutral¬†leggings¬†for babies — so they’ll work well for hand-me-downs.

That said, they also have great designs more specific to tastes so if you want Wonder Woman pajamas or Storm Trooper undies, you can find that too.

 2. Oeuf NYC

Organic kids clothing: Layette items from Oeuf at Noble Carriage

If¬†I’m going to spend a little bit more on organic clothes, I look to companies with great design and well-made pieces that will last a long time and are really worth the splurge.

Oeuf NYC is one of those brands. Yes, it’s way splurgey. Way. But I love that it’s still run by a Brooklyn mom-and-pop team, and how committed they are to ecological and sustainable production. That’s why you see them in pretty much every high-end baby boutique everywhere.


You¬†may be able to find some good deals in their sale section, or at shops like¬†Noble Carriage, where I spotted this adorable¬†Oeuf organic baby sleepers.¬†In fact, you get 10% off your purchase if you sign up for their very cute newsletter — and their sale page rocks.

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3. Goat Milk Baby

Organic Kids Clothing we love: The Goat Milk Baby basics are just wonderful!

While you’re at Noble Carriage, also check out the collection of organic kids clothing from Goat Milk, an absolutely spectacular small children’s label that makes stunning, 100% organic cotton basics. I know that Liz became a fan when she included them in the baby fashion show on Martha Stewart¬†that she curated. (Yes, for real!)

They make for very special baby gifts, like the jersey striped diaper cover and tee set, above, or a wonderfully organic romper that your baby will probably wear a ton. Do you need $39 baby cashmere socks? Of course not. But for some of the other basics, like the

You can see the full collection at the Goat Milk NYC site.

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4. Go Gently Nation

Organic kids clothing: Cotton slip dress at Go Gently Nation

Organic kids clothing: Splatter paint leggings at Go Gently Nation

Another organic kids clothing brand Liz showed the world on Martha Stewart¬†is¬†Go Gently Nation¬†(also shown at very top), and I’ve become a big fan since then too. They sent us a few press samples of their newest line last fall, and¬†I must admit, I am so¬†impressed by the thick, soft fabrics that have¬†held up beautifully over time.

Their collection ranges from simple dresses to modern print leggings to cute t-shirts with quotes¬†you’ll actually appreciate. In other words, no¬†Mommy’s Little Slugger.

Their prices are actually not¬†too far off what you’d¬†expect to see on new, full-price items¬†at Gap or Appaman, which is pretty amazing. Plus, they often hold sales making an already terrific product even more appealing.

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5. Kira Kids

Organic kids clothing: Miffy t-shirt at Kira Kids

Organic kids clothing: The Future is Me romper at Kira Kids

For a collection that’s full of personality, I loooove the diverse, and very modern line of organic kids clothing¬†at Kira Kids. The fabrics are all incredibly soft, eco-friendly,¬†and made right in sunny California. And you’ll¬†definitely get that fun, carefree Cali vibe from¬†their designs.

They even have partnerships with licensees like Miffy (above) and the new movie, Boss Baby. Plus they’ve got graphic tees with hilarious sayings and a whole geek love collection for nerdy babies.

The only downside: It’s spendy. Check the sales¬†section to find rompers reduced from $48 to $36, tees for $15 off, and baby dresses¬†reduced from $57 (eep!) to $38.

Another pro tip: Check their stocklist page to find them at local retailers who may have their own sales.


6. Kate Quinn Organics

Organic kids clothing: Kate Quinn organics at Target

Kate Quinn Organics may be one of the first organic brands Kristen and Liz wrote about way back in the day. Like Hanna Andersson, their clothes have always been very wearable, durable, beefy and soft, and hold up as hand-me-downs for ages.

But the better news is that now you can find them even more affordably if you shop the Kate Quinn Organics for Target collection. Yes, Target! This flutter-sleeve dress is just under $25 there.

But honestly, check the Kate Quinn Organics site for a huge sale right now. The world’s cutest bubble dresses are now $20 — down from $52! Whoa, that’s even cheaper than Target.


7. Burts Bees Organics for Kid and Baby

Tie Dye Organic tee from Burts Bees: One of the best undiscovered organic clothing lines for babies and kids

Yes,¬†Burt’s Bees! As in, the lip balm people. They happen to make a fabulous¬†line of organic children’s and baby clothes, all (from what we can tell) made from 100% organic cotton. The quality is quite nice and the prices are hard to beat. (Just $11.96 right now for the tie-dye tee shown here if you buy it quickly.)

If only they went bigger than size 5!

And hey! Turns out you can find¬†organic layette items from Burt’s Bees at Target¬†too. ¬†How nice to see the big stores catch on to the fact that we all want to protect the planet in whatever small ways we can — and we’re more likely to do it with our kids’ clothing if it doesn’t cost us a monthly paycheck.