My daughter has been completely obsessed with Hamilton because she is a normal 2017 kid. And as an artist, she’s just as obsessed with these Hamiltones Hamilton crayons by Thespian Swag. Enough that she’s been forwarding me pictures of them for days.

Now that I’ve finally clicked through…well, I get it!

The dozen colors are so clever, including Alexander Hamil-tan and Burr’ple along with a green Your Daddy’s Got Money. But I admit I’m giving my own standing O to whomever came up with Maroon Where it Happens.

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Hamiltones crayons feature colors like Burr'ple and Maroon Where it Happens |

I’m hoping there will be a second set. I can already imagine Dear Teal-odosia, a light blue Sky-ler Sisters…yeah I could go all day.

Grab them while you can! While they aren’t nearly as expensive as actual Hamilton seats, as with the Broadway musical, the crayons sell out fast.

Find the Hamiltones Hamilton crayons at Thespian Swag, a swag shop for theater nerds. And hurry!