Any mom who’s used a breast pump recently knows that the old, tried-and-true breast pump design has been in need a serious makeover for a while. As a new mom myself, I feel so lucky to be nursing just as some of the coolest innovations in breast pumps are hitting the market!

Here are three cool new breast pumps with technology that’s really blowing my mind. And just in time for National Breastfeeding Month, whoo!

Here’s to more nursing moms experiencing as little stress, inconvenience, and uh, pain as possible.

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Cool new breast pumps: Willow Breast Pump has cups that fit inside your bra so you can wear it even when you're walking around!

I use a traditional breast pump with flanges and bottles hang off the breast, which means stealth pumping really isn’t an option. Not even the bulkiest sweater could conceal what’s going on under there! But this discreet new Willow Wearable Breast Pump (also shown at top) which just came out, takes a totally new approach: It cups the breast and collects breastmilk in a hidden bag.

Presumably this makes it possible to pump even while you’re walking around, running errands, multi-tasking at your desk or hey, even playing with your baby. It also syncs with an app to help you track pumping sessions, check the suction level, or get help on the fly — which is a feature that all new breast pumps are clearly going to start having. It’s an app app app app world.

It happens to be a spendy option but if you can afford the $499, moms we know swear by it.

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Cool new breast pumps: Babyation Smart Pump has so many amazing features!

The Babyation Breast Pump made some noise in the breastfeeding community with the launch of its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, and as a nursing mom myself, I’m hotly anticipating its release. Like the Willow pump, it’s discreet and wearable, thanks to long tubes connecting the flanges to bottles that you can wear or set next to you.

The power parent couple who designed it has also created an accompanying app to help you keep track of how much you’ve pumped. I bet a lot of women will be willing to wait to trade in their old breast pumps for this one. Or you know, just hurl the old ones out the window.

Cool new breast pumps: Naya Breast Pump is gorgeous and the technology totally reinvents breast pumps

EDITOR’S NOTE Oct, 2018: Naya no longer seems to be responding to customers, and with the information we have at this point, we no longer can recommend the Naya Breast Pump as an option. Boo.

Naya Health caught out attention with their hilarious If Men Breastfed video, and the pump itself? Well, turns out it lives up to the hype.

The Naya Breast Pump uses a water-based suction system designed to make pumping much quieter and more pleasant than its traditional air-based predecessors. Plus it’s got a super sleek, lightweight design that moms won’t mind carrying to the office each day at all. It’s even — dare I say it — pretty great looking. It could fit right in with your modern home decor!