One of the great things about our kids getting older is the ability to watch movies and shows that we actually want to see too. (No offense, Bubble Guppies.) But it’s also tough to figure out what they’re emotionally ready for, what’s over their heads, and what scenes may stress them out in ways we hadn’t considered.

Hey, even Kristen isn’t ready for Stranger Things!

So take a listen to this week’s candid, honest, and really fun discussion on Spawned with Kristen + Liz for answers to questions you may be having, or will soon enough. Some of the issues we discuss:

-How have movies changed over the years in terms of graphic violence?
-What is the “ratings creep?”
-What issues you should factor in besides violence, strong language and sex.
-Why we’re okay with f-bombs. (And if you’re not…that’s okay, too.)
-How the educational value of movies like Selma or Dunkirk may outweigh other factors.
(Top photo: Dunkirk, Warner Bros. Pictures
-Which shows we stopped watching in the middle because…uh, no.
-Why it’s important to respect our sensitive kids’ boundaries, whatever their ages.
-From Grease to Goonies to Breakfast at Tiffany’s: How nostalgia for our own childhood favorites can cloud our judgment about what’s okay for our kids today.

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