We’ve seen plenty of inspirational art and motivational mugs, but never have we even seen… panties. Well, until now, thanks to Innertruth Panties, a line of embroidered underwear with inspirational messages. On the inside.

Admittedly, I giggled, but then, really, who am I to say where women draw their motivation, especially in this current climate. If you need some kind words in your underpants right now, my lady friends, then more power to you!

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Besides, we moms know the bathroom is less of a place to pee and poop, but rather, find some semblance of quiet (aka hide from our children). Now you can sit on the toilet with one hand holding the door shut, the other with phone in hand (just me?), and look down to see a little bit of encouragement to help you get through your day.

I can handle anything Innertruth Panties

I don’t think that means these are made for weak bladders though.

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You can see them when you’re standing up too, as in, when you’re looking in the mirror and wondering exactly what piece of clothing will camouflage that post-baby belly best (again, just me?).

I belong here Innertruth Panties

See, even your underwear are giving you permission to hide in the bathroom for a minute.

And hey, they do offer custom options, so the could be a funny gift for a friend who needs a little smile. I’m thinking “Those dishes aren’t going to do themselves,” or “Sorry, you can’t sit here forever” would work.

Go on, tell us, what would your Innertruth Panties say? Leave them in the comments.