I’m skeptical of anything that masquerades as cake and doesn’t taste like cake. Slash isn’t edible at all. So naturally diaper cakes — those sculptural designs made out of diapers and used as centerpieces at baby showers to make people oh and ahh and “die of cuteness” — have never been my favorite thing.

Okay, so they’re still not my favorite thing. But after discovering these 7 amazing, edgy diaper cakes, I’m kind of embracing my inner mom-who-squees self, and considering creating a Pinterest board that’s definitely staying secret.

So, how about you all? Impressed by these clever diaper cakes?

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Cool diaper cakes: Harry Potter Hogwart’s Express diaper cake | Bugaboo City

If I’d simply heard about a Harry Potter themed diaper cake, I would have still had my doubts. But now that I’ve seen this diaper cake modeled after the Hogwarts Express, well whoa. I’m hitting platform 9 and 3/4 and getting ready to jump aboard. Which is nerd speak for, I would totally be okay with this this at my baby shower. Up for making your own?  Visit Kim at Bugaboo City for the tutorial.

Harry Potter themed diaper cakes at Lil Lovebug Creations on Etsy

If you can’t (or don’t) DIY? You’re covered, thanks to Lil Love Bugs Creations on Etsy, who’ll whip you up this cool set of four Harry Potter Hogswarts Houses mini diaper cakes for a very reasonable $32. Pretty darn cute, even for us diaper cake cynics.

Cool diaper cakes: Game of Thrones diaper cake | Pinterest

I’m hoping the mom-to-be at this baby shower wasn’t giving birth to a dragon — or being forced into a teenage marriage to the leader of a nomadic warrior tribe by her creepy brother. But I’m still loving this genius Game of Thrones diaper cake that’s pretty much all over pinterest. Because baby is coming. Ha.

(And hey, we’d love nothing more than to give credit for this awesome creation, so let us know if you or someone you know is the original source. And yo, Pinterest users…credit stuff you find to the awesome makers who create them.)

Cool diaper cakes: Sushi diaper cake | Lerty Flirty Designs

I’m really appreciating the meta value of this made-to-order Sushi diaper cake at LertyFlirty Designs (great name!), because, sushi that’s actually a cake that’s actually diapers? What a time to be alive. It’s a little spendy but the handiwork is impressive, and you get a whole lot more than diapers in this creation.

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Cool diaper cakes: Unicorn diaper cake | Becky's Baby Cakes

If you’ve been living under a rock, know that copious variations of this unicorn face have multiplied across the internet like Gremlins who got wet. So yes, of course there’s a Unicorn diaper cake. And it’s a good one. Also good: you can buy it fully assembled thanks to Becky’s Baby Cakes on Etsy. No baking, icing, or washcloth folding required


 Cool diaper cakes: R2D2 diaper cake | Pinterest

As a new mom, I wouldn’t say no to this quantity of diapers in any form, but I’m especially fond of receiving it in the form of a Star Wars droid. This R2-D2 diaper cake is charmingly homemade looking, and with a little ingenuity — plus a couple of blue Munchkin bottle brushes, some soft baby-friendly feeding utensils, a bunch of fat white ribbon and a pair of diaper wipes tubs for feet. Yep. All that, plus ingenuity.

(Again, we couldn’t find the source of this brilliant cake, argh! So please send us a note if you know the diaper jedi behind it so we can sing their praises.)


Cool diaper cakes: Hidden champagne diaper cake tutorial | Simply Real Moms

If you’re not sold on the diaper cake concept yet, at first glance this one may not be the one that makes you reconsider. But wait! For this is a hidden Champagne diaper cake, and yes, it contains booze. Perfect for a new mom working her way through the 4th trimester, or at least for the enjoyment of the other guests.  Check out the excellent tutorial from Simply Real Moms — and try not to polish off the bubbly while trying to DIY. Though if you do, I totally understand. Because you’re spending your day making a diaper cake.