Inflatable pool floats have certainly got a hipster makeover over the past few years. So why not inflatable pools?


Chicago designer Emily Vaca has created a line of Minnidip Inflatable Pools for that very reason. She stayed away from the traditional rainbow fishies, awful circus-y polka dots, and weird smiling suns in favor of fun, less daycare-centric themes like tropical banana leaves, a sprinkle donut, and a poppy watermelon.

Not that your toddlers wouldn’t love them too, of course.


Minnidip modern inflatable pools in modern patterns like watermelons, donuts and tropical banana leaves

Minnidip inflatable pools with modern designs. Just don't call them kiddie pools!

For more sophisticated options, at the NY NOW gift show this year, I got to see Emily’s two new designs, which are less kitschy: a swanky gold outline banana leaf pattern, and a stylish navy and white pattern.

Minnidip Inflatable Pools have gorgeous modern designs

Now she wants to make it abundantly clear on her website that THIS IS NOT A KIDDIE POOL AND DON’T CALL THEM KIDDIE POOLS BECAUSE, NOT KIDDIE POOLS.

But come on.

Tell me that there will be anyone more grateful for a modern, 18″ deep inflatable pool a mom who just can’t with the creepy clown faces and the smiling purple crabs.

Buy the modern LaVaca Minnidip Inflatable Pools on the Lavaca website for $70 each, with the new designs out soon.