I took one look at the nature-inspired handmade wooden blocks from Water & Lightning at Toy Fair 2018 and…instant love.

These minimalist but colorful stacking blocks feel amazing, are nicely weighted, and the perfect size for both little hands learning to grasp — and, well, mine. As in, I could totally use a set as a tactile desk toy to help me bring the zen.

Designed by NYC dad Brian Barenio with his wife, educator Erna Hernandez Barenio (it’s a real mom and pop operation — their two sons are willing product testers!), I’m just so impressed with these blocks from the design to the stunning colors to the thoughtful choice of sustainable woods and kid-safe paints, to the lovely new packaging that will be out soon.

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Sticks and Stones set of nature inspired wooden blocks, handmade by Water & Lightning

Pebbles set of nature inspired wooden blocks, handmade by Water & Lightning

They offer a 6-piece set of pebble shaped blocks or an 8-piece sticks and stones set of blocks which include the pebble shape along with several branch-shaped blocks. If you want to splurge, maybe consider getting both sets, because you cannot have too much of a good handmade wooden block thing.

That’s a saying I just made up by the way and I can really see it catching on.

You can purchase the nature-inspired handmade wooden blocks from Water & Lightning on sale through their Amazon shop, or learn more at the Water & Lightning website.