While we’re all for jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and maybe even Peeps (well, some of them?) if you’re looking to fill your kid’s Easter basket with some non-candy Easter basket gifts, we’ve got you covered with some of these super cool ideas that they’ll love. But hop on it. (Ha.) Easter’s coming quickly this year!

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Color your own soft easter egg kit

Color Pops color-your-own soft fabric eggs set ($12.98, Magic Cabin; $10.98/ea with 2 or more)
It’s a craft and a keepsake — and the set makes it perfect for lots of kids.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Hop Hop board book by Leslie Patricelli

Hop Hop board book by Leslie Patricelli ($6.29, Amazon)
One of our favorite board books for little ones who will read it all year.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Scented Thumper Ufufy plush doll from Disney

Scented Thumper Ufufy plush doll ($4, Disney Store)
Are you squeeing from the cuteness? Your kids will.

Non-candy easter Basket gift ideas: Smencils spring collection of scented pencils

Smencils 5-pack of spring scented pencils ($7.99, Amazon)
Mmm…jelly bean, bubble gum, and cotton candy scents.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Handmade bunny soap gift sets on Etsy

Handmade bunny glycerin soap set ($8/ 2 gift boxes with 5 bunnies each, Rabbit Tree Soaps)
Hurry — the maker will ship next business day!

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Real Kids Shades: Color switching sunglass frames

Kids UVA/UVB sunglasses with color-changing frames ($14.95, Real Shades)
Practical and cool and ready for the spring and summer sun? Totally. Lots of sizes, too.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Party bunny temporary tattoo

Party bunny temporary tattoo ($7.50, Perfectly Smitten)
Tattytoo’s design is too cute!

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: pastel egg chalk set at PBK

Pastel egg chalk set ($6 on sale, Pottery Barn Kids)
What better way to say, “get outside! It’s spring!”

Non-candy easter basket gift ideas: Ceramic bunny measuring spoons

Ceramic bunny measuring spoons ($14.95, Nordstrom)
For your favorite junior baker.

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Non-candy Easter basket gift ideas: Duplo my first animals building set

LEGO Duplo My First Puzzle Pets Trio ($7.99, Target)
The perfect first LEGO set for preschoolers

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Fuzzy bunny sleep mask from iScream

 Fuzzy Bunny Sleep Mask ($11.70, iScream)
The ultimate non-candy Easter basket gift for tweens, teens, or uh…their parents.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Yoobi egg stamp six-pack for Easter

Easter egg six-stamp and stamp pad kit ($3.99, Yoobi)
Every purchase from Yoobi donates one to a classroom in need


Non-candy easter gifts: Hidden bunny mug from Creature Cups

Hidden ceramic bunny mug ($14.99, Creature Cups)
Ready for hot chocolate, any time at all.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Nino mutli-colored egg shakers

Nino multi-colored egg shaker 4-pack ($7.99, Amazon)
The classic percussive shaker is amazing for toddlers or teens.

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Troll surprise mini figure packs

Trolls surprise mini figure pack ($2.99/ea, Target)
Get a few for each basket — our boys and girls adore them.


Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Mini Buddha Board lets you paint with water

Mini Buddha Board ($13.95, Amazon)
Perfect for those Easter week road trips and the only mess — a little bit of water.

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Tweemade Unicorn Horn chalk! So cool!

Unicorn horns sidewalk chalk ($13, Tweemade) 
There are donuts too…but hard to resist the unicorn horns!

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Sugar Rush candy-scented gel pens

Sugar Rush candy-scented gel pen pack ($12.99, Target)
Smells like candy…but it’s not!

Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Green Toys organic dough sets

Organic play dough sets ($9.99, Green Toys)
Split them up among multiple baskets, or let one kid go crazy.

Non-candy Easter basket gifts: Klutz egg carton animal craft kit

Klutz egg carton animals kit ($12.38, Amazon)
Amazing way to make good use out of those egg cartons you’ll surely have around Easter!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles bring a creative twist to your Easter Egg hunt! | Sponsor

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles surprise four-pack ($9.39, Target)
They were is a recent sponsor…but whoa, our kids are utterly obsessed.

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo: An Easter basket book for progressive families

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo ($11.39, Amazon, with 100% of the profits going to non-profits)
This overnight best-seller from Last Week Tonight writer Jill Twiss may be the Easter gift of the year for progressive families.


Non-candy Easter basket ideas: Thames & Kosmos Dino Egg Excavation Kit

Thames & Kosmos Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit ($2.95, Thames & Kosmos)
For kids more interested in “hatching” one of 12 dinos who would just as soon eat those cute little chicks and bunnies. Except the herbivores. Of course.

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