Let’s talk about rash guards with UPF — that’s Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or the clothing version of SPF. As a new mom, I’d assumed that every rash guard came with sun protection built-in, but it turns out some fabrics deliver more than others. And some don’t have UPF at all.

Even more strange, from reading buyer reviews of various rash guards, some only have UPF in the torso area, leaving kids with sunburnt arms. Yikes!

So to save you from scouring the interwebs — and from slathering sunscreen on every inch of a highly mobile toddler or too-cool teen–I’ve rounded up some of the cutest rash guards I’ve found, all of which have UPF sun protection build right in.

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Rash guards with UPF: Galaxy print rash guard with UPF | Target

The Cat & Jack brand at Target is my go-to for affordable clothes for my son, and I was excited to see this cool new galaxy print rash guard with UPF in their 2018 swimwear collection. Looking for a contrast to all the palm tree motifs or simple stripes on kids’ swimwear? This would be it.

Rash guards with UPF: Surf rash guard with UPF | Boden

I love a nod to the iconic Volkswagen bus, and this retro surfboard rash guard with UPF at Boden is totally charming me. Plus, the matching swim pants provide more protection than your average trunks, making them a good bet for extra fair kids (looking at you, freckles!) or shiver-prone who need a little extra coverage before jumping in the lake or the pool.

Rash guards with UPF: Cactus rash guard with UPF | Mom Plus Lab

Yep, cactus prints are still on trend, and I’m totally sold on this cactus rash guard with UPF from Mom Plus Lab. If you prefer onesies to ensembles in your kid’s regular clothes, this might be the thing for you. It comes in sizes from 3mo to 6T, but I think it’s especially good for babies and toddlers.

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Rash guards with UPF: Ice cream rash guard | Nordstrom

Not that my son needs another reminder of ice cream — and how much he’d like some right about now. But I can’t resist this fun ice cream print rash guard with UPF that I spotted at Nordstrom. Pair it with a funky, food-themed pool float for picture-perfect Instagramming.

Rash guards with UPF: Gator rash guard | Land's End

Scoot over, shark week. Gators are here to scare in this bold gator print short-sleeve rash guard with UPF, which the kids in my life would go totally ga-ga over. Check it out in little boy and big boy sizes at Land’s End quickly for a great price — it’s 40% off for a limited time!

Rash guards with UPF: Striped rash guard | J. Crew

We found this clasically cool striped rash guard with UPF. While it looks like black and white, it’s actually a deep navy making it perfect for kids with all kinds of style preferences. Even Liz’s teen daughter, who tends to only want to wear black girls’ swimsuits, wears the full long-sleeved swimsuit version of this rash guard and absolutely loves it.

Rash guards with UPF: Bouquet rash guard with UPF | Tea Collection

There’s something so cheerful and whimsical about the floral print on this Tea Collection  bouquet rash guard with UPF. It’s got me wishing (as usual) that Tea would design for youthful-hearted adults too. Bonus: It won’t be hard to spot your daughter in the pool with those colors.