I keep being told that donuts are the new macarons, which used to be the new cupcakes, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m seeing them everywhere. And my kids are clamoring for them. They are emblazoned on stationery, tote bags, t-shirts, even toys and cosmetics, making them perfect for birthday gifts, or to tuck into a camp care package for a donut-deprived child of yours.

I will say that though my favorite donuts are more simple cinnamon sugar or glazed, the frosted variety with sprinkles definitely seems to be winning out in the kitschy donut gift category. Hey, at least the frosting has no calories.

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Donut pool floats at Urban Outfitters, complete with bite missing

First, it was this genius donut pool float at Urban Outfitters that caught my eye. I know a few girlie girls in my life who would only be satisfied with the pink one, but c’mon! Chocolate!  Bonus: It won’t even melt in the sun. (Via Venue Report)


Personalized donut name labels at Minted. So awesome!

Recently we shared these personalized donut name labels Minted (who was a recent sponsor), which I did in fact order. It happens to look very cute tucked inside a favorite book, on a kid’s water bottle, or a journal cover, and I can attest to all three.

Donut case for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Galaxy by designer Céline Dscps at Society 6.

A donut iPhone case (or iPad case, or iPod case, or Galaxy case) isn’t hard to find on Society 6 — but my eye went to this fabulous illustration by Céline Dscps. I love her style and can gaze at all the options all day and go back and forth between which I’d eat first.

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Cool photo-realistic donut pillow at Paper Source

When I dropped off my daughter at sleepaway camp (sniff) her friend and bunkmate had this awesome photo realistic donut pillow, that I happened to spot when I stopped into Paper Source recently. I have no idea if it helps you dream of donuts or not, but it did look really cute on her bed.

Awesome handmade donut handbag by Downtown Jamie Brown on Etsy

If you’re down with accessorizing with pastries, more power to you. You have to check out this handmade donut handbag, made to order by Downtown Jamie Brown on Etsy. It looks extra fun when coordinated with your pink ombre hair, but no pressure there.



Donut lip gloss set: Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Sorry, no crullers.

Also at Paper Source, was this cute trio of donut lip glosses which would make one lucky birthday girl or camper very happy. If you have two girls, I’d just say break down and either get one pack for each of them, or give them one and hide the third. Trust me.


Eat more hole foods! Donut mug by David Olenick

And because coffee and donuts go together like..well, coffee and donuts, I had to include at least one of the zillions of donut coffee mugs out there. I’m giggling at David Olenik’s Eat More Hole Foods Donut Mugs. Which is either a great reminder that your breakfast of choice is just fine, or a reminder that it might be time to de-carb just a little. Your call; I don’t judge. I just curate.