Pretend for a moment you have a personal shopper for your baby — who also happens to have amazing taste and a degree in developmental psychology. Well that’s basically what you get with Love Every Baby, a new subscription service that curates and ships stunning, carefully selected baby toys for each stage of development in the first year.

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Enter your baby’s birth date and every two months, they’ll send you an age-appropriate box of gorgeous toys, all organic, ethically sourced, and curated by some serious experts.

For example, weeks 0-8 you get “The Looker,” which includes graphic black-and-white toys, cards, travel gear and a silicone teether. By months 9-10, you’re up to “The Explorer” (below),  meaning your baby is ready for a gorgeous set of sustainable toys like stacking rings, a Montessori egg cup, bean bags, plus board books, an organic peek-a-boo blanket, and more. And each box comes with a developmental play guide for parents.

Because clearly they know that we new parents love reading about what our babies are doing at every stage and why.

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Love Every Baby: Beautifully curated toy boxes for babies by developmental stage


I think this a gift subscription would make a thoughtful and generous baby gift, since it keeps giving long after friends and family have stopped gifting you loveys. (As if you need more of those.)

It’s also so nice for new parents to stop worrying about when to work on her baby’s pincer grasp or transition to color toys…and spend more time actually playing. Or napping. Hopefully.

Order the Love Every Baby subscription toy boxes for babies on their website or to learn more information