I admit, when I heard that about the new Spanx maternity line, I was skeptical. After all, isn’t pregnancy the one time we don’t have to worry about sucking in our guts? Or “smoothing?”

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But after getting a closer look at the Spanx maternity leggings, even I, a staunch comfort junkie and general critic of girdle-like garments, am pretty excited about this line. Their maternity offerings include jean-ish leggings, which look substantial enough to be worn as pants (as in, no long, drape-y sweater required) and a maternity version of their super popular  faux leather leggings which are positively sexy.

Spanx maternity introduces faux leather leggingsSpanx maternity faux leather leggings

I mean, Spanx faux leather leggings have been a fashion obsession of ours since 2014, and when they released their faux leather camo leggings, Kristen went nuts. So I love the idea that now variations are available with the needs of a mama-to-be in mind.

I especially like that the maternity leggings come in sizes up to 3X because hello? If you’re a size 0-2, I’m not totally sure what you’re doing in Spanx — but I’m not here to judge.

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Jean-ish leggings: Spanx maternity line Spanx maternity jean-ish leggings

Mama short: Spanx maternity lineSpanx maternity Mama short

However you feel about Spanx, they do excel at support, something that was lacking in most of the maternity leggings I wore when I was pregnant. That’s one reason I’m on board with these new items — they offer some lower back support with light compression. And there’s no compression in the belly band which actually sits above the bump. (Phew.)

The items are designed to grow with you too, so you can really wear these from the beginning of your pregnancy right through those postpartum months.

The new line also includes Spanx mid-thigh maternity shaping sheers for fancier events. Though I will say I remain least convinced by the need for the Mama short, because they’re exclusively worn as shape wear underneath body-hugging skirts and dresses. Tamping down my butt and thighs wasn’t exactly a top priority back when I had a ginormous bump. But then, I wasn’t going to an office every day where I might have been more self-conscious.

If you’re wearing lot of fitted dresses, skirts or tailored pants late in your own pregnancy, that extra compression and support might just be what you need to walk through the door feeling a little more confident. And I know that means a lot.

Find the new Spanx maternity line of leggings, sheers and shorts from the Spanx website.