Sometimes our favorite picks come from readers like you. Sometimes they come from friends. Sometimes they even come from our own kids, which is the case with The Phluid Project and I am kicking myself for not having shared it sooner.

But now that they’ve hit their one-year anniversary (whoo!), I figure it’s the perfect time.

Last year, my teen daughter introduced me to this wonderful shop that’s blending fabulous shopping with a meaningful social good mission — in their words, to challenge boundaries with humanity. The result is what they call “the world’s first gender-free store,” featuring incredible array of binary fashion that allows people to identify how they see themselves, and not how others tell us we should be seen.

No “men’s” or “women’s” aisles either, as you might have guessed.

It’s joyful. It’s celebratory. It’s unifying. It’s the future.  And I love it.

Top image:  @ThePhluidProject on Instagram featuring @Imyagirleva via

J'adore equality t-shirt from the Phluid ProjectJ’adore equality tee via Instagram

Fluide Glitter available from the Phluid Project


Everything at the shop is meant for everyone. So if you have boys who want pink glitter sunglasses or bright blue lipstick (or a sequin skirt, for that matter), if trans kids want a message shirt that identifies them by their proper pronouns, if cis hetero adults want to show LGBTQ allyship with a cool hat, it’s all here.

Or hey, maybe you just want really hip shoes. They have those too.

I picked just a few (very few!) favorites below, though the selection is ever-changing.

Be Kind baby onesie
One our favorite messages in the world, as you might know.
Also available for adults. (Not the onesie though.)

Fila Bubble Sneakers at the Phluid Project

Fila Bubble Sneakers 
So hot! I was even able to tear myself away from the Doc Marten selection long enough to find them.


Protect Trans Kids tee from Phluid Project

Protect Trans Kids tee
Because every child deserves dignity, respect, and safety.

Planet I Extreterrestrial Sunglasses from Phluid Project

Planet I Extraterrestrial Shades
Lots of colors available, all with extra sparkle!

Human beanies from Phluid Project

Human Beanies
A celebration of what unites us. Also, a great pun.

Phluid Project Rainbow Peace Sign Tee celebrating Pride

Rainbow Peace Sign Tee
Also check out their entire collection of kids and adults tees for Pride 2019,
commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Eris Gender Neutral Mx. Fragrances from Phluid Project

Eris Gender-Neutral Mx Fragrances
When I was younger, I used to wear men’s fragrances and people thought it was “edgy.”
Glad to know not everyone is on team “smell like a rose garden.”


Have hope: There are still good people out there | tee via Phluid Project

Have Hope Tee
This may be one of my favorite messages of all.


While Phluid Project does have a selection of baby gear, I’d love if they had more kid sizes in their tees and hoodies. Because those of us raising older tweens and teens, know that the vast majority of Gen Z believes that gender does not define a person, and that 56% of them shop outside of their assigned gender.

I know my girls do.

(Ever tried to shop for a non-glittery, non-appliquéd pair of plain navy cargo shorts in the girls’ department? Exactly.)

Plus, I think we’re going to be blown away by the changes we start seeing in society as a whole, in terms of gender identity, acceptance and inclusion — and so much of that will come from our kids. As well as shops like Phluid, which give them an experience that doesn’t feel made for their (boring) parents.

The way I see it, if I’m going to buy a message t-shirt or a pair of Doc Martens anyway, I’m happy to buy them from a shop supporting such respect for all people.

Shop The Phluid Project online or visit their store at 684 Broadway in NYC.  

And check out the Phluid Project crowdfunding appeal which closes May 1. There are some nice perks for investing $50 or more, and all contributions include a CrowdSAFE security for future equity in the brand. In fact, after writing this post, I invested a small amount myself.