We are thrilled to announce the seventh selection in our Cool Mom Picks Book Club, The Yes Brain, by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson. (From our affiliate Amazon or find it at your local book store.) If the title doesn’t say enough about the book, their subtitle does: How to cultivate courage, curiosity, and resilience in your child. Isn’t that what we all pretty much want for our kids?

And we’re so happy to bring the Cool Mom Picks Book Club to you with the support of our awesome sponsor, The Wines of Vinho Verde. We couldn’t think of a more perfect match! These versatile reds, whites, and rosés from Portugal go with whatever you’re eating, and whatever you’re reading, whether it’s our book club choice, or something on your own list. And we’ve got some paring ideas below, should you be book-clubbing with friends, or enjoying a quiet night to yourself.

Whether you’ve got toddlers or teens, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to grab a copy of The Yes Brain, and join us on Monday, August 19 at 9PM ET when we’ll discuss this book live on our Facebook page. With Vinho Verde wine, of course.

Reminder: This is a low-pressure book club! Even if you don’t finish the book, and only get through a few chapters, you can still join us. We’re busy too, we get it!

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Discussion questions for The Yes Brain

Discussion questions for The Yes Brain book

Whether you’re reading The Yes Brain along with us, or want to host your own book club, we hope these questions help guide your reading on how to raise curious kids with a whole lot of grit. We’ll also use these questions to guide our chat together, as well as summarize lots of her great tips for practicing radical kindness in your own life. Join us on Facebook Tuesday, August 13 at 9PM ET as we do a deep dive into this book, LIVE!

1. What’s the difference between a Yes Brain and a No Brain?

2. What did you think of the blue, red, and green zone concept?

3. How do we teach our kids balance? (Yes, it’s a learned skill)

4. What did you think about the “Healthy Mind Platter” components? Are you getting all of them yourself too?

5. How do you know when to step in, and when to let your child struggle?

6. What is the “Power in the Pause?” and how can we apply it to our own lives?

7. What behaviors have we seen in our kids that’s actually trying to communicate that they need to learn empathy?

8. What components of an empathic yes brain do your kids need to learn?

Vinho Verde Manuel Costa & Filhos Rosé: Wine Pairing Ideas

The Vinho Verde Melodia Rosé: The perfect summer beverage | sponsored

There’s nothing more refreshing than a rosé on a hot summer day, like the beautiful Vinho Verde Manuel Costa & Filhos, with slightly sour, and light fruit tones of pineapple and lime. This pink semi-dry wine “Melodia” refers to younger wines of the Vinho Verde region that are just a bit tart, with a long and slightly dry aftertaste.

You can enjoy this gorgeous rosé as an aperitif, on your summer terrace (aka porch or deck), as well as with lunch or dinner. Like the many Vinho Verde wines we’ve featured here, this rosé is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for everything from parties to picnics.

If you’re serving some book club munchies or just want some ideas for pairings, our sommelier friends suggest that it pairs the best with seafood, white meats, and young cheeses, so consider these suggestions:

-A fresh, homemade ceviche
, which is so refreshing on these hot summer days

-Light seafood dishes like crab cake bites, mini fish tacos or shrimp skewers
 on the BBQ

-Sushi or sashimi

-Grilled poultry, like chicken skewers

-Oysters, clams: raw or steamed!

-A tray of cheeses that are light and creamy, like goat cheeses, burrata or even a brie

Take a look at our live chat about The Yes Brain, now on Facebook.

The Wines of Vinho Verde | Sponsor

Thanks so much to our wonderful book club sponsor, the Wines of Vinho Verde, for their support!