We know that this year’s Easter gifts are going to take on a lot more meaning for our kids this year. At the same time, Easter gifts sold by small businesses can really make the difference in another family’s life, too. Which makes it an extra wonderful idea to peruse Etsy this year for Easter gifts, knowing you’ll be supporting a small business, crafter, or independent maker.

I’ve scoured Etsy (one of my favorite pastimes as you know!) and put together some of my absolute favorite Easter gifts for kids of all ages. I’ve tried to keep things reasonably priced, though you will see a splurge or two in here if you’re looking to make a bigger splash on April 12.

Just be sure to hurry if you see something you love! Easter is coming up quick, some gifts and supplies are limited, and those makers may need just a little extra time to hop over to the mailbox.

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Personalized Easter bunny crayon set from Art2theExtreme: The best Easter gifts for kids supporting Etsy shops

Personalized Easter Bunny Crayon Set
$17.95, Art 2 the Extreme, with $2 additional for the personalized band

One of our longtime faaaavorite Etsy shops has so many terrific Easter gifts for kids!  These are just wonderful.


Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: Plush handmade zombie bunny

Handmade Kawaii Zombie Bunny Plush
$24, Flat Bonnie

I love these flat bunnies, but especially the zombie bunny which is so great for tweens, teens, and kids not so into the traditional Easter gifts.

           Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: Paint your own Easter kit

Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: paint your own easter kit featuring chicks, carrots or hearts
Paint-Your-Own Easter Kit
$20, Willow Bee Signs (there are also paint-your-own baby chicks  or hearts)

A craft kit to keep little hands busy on Easter Sunday at home or in the backyard.
When they’re done, their masterpieces can be strung up with twine, or turned into ornaments or magnets.

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Easter gifts for kids supporting Etsy shops: Hip hop Easter boombox tee

Hip Hop Easter Tee for Kids
$16, She Squats Clothing (20% off for a limited time)

A fresh new t-shirt seems pretty practical these days and this one cracks me upp. Sizes infant through 7-8 in tons of colors

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Handmade heirloom boy bunny rag doll: Easter gifts supporting Etsy shops

Handmade heirloom bunny ballerina rag doll: Easter gifts supporting Etsy shops

Handmade Heirloom Bunny Rag Dolls
$115, Pea Handmade

Yep, this is a big splurge gift, and it may be just what some of you are looking for (hey there, grandparents!).
Wow, this artist’s work is simply exquisite.


Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: personalized Easter books from I See Me

Personalized Easter Book for Young Readers
$29.99, I See Me books

We’ve covered the lovely books from I See Me in the past; personalize with a name, and even a photo, a custom dedication, and a signature from you. Or the Easter Bunny.

personalized easter bunny mug for kids: Easter gifts supporting small businesses on Etsy

Personalized Easter Bunny Camp Mug for Kids
$15.95, The Rosemary Cottage

With so much cocoa-sipping at home these days, this is a fun Easter gift for kids. Choose from 7 bunny faces + different fonts, then add a packet of hot chocolate or a baggie of jelly beans inside.


Easter finger puppets handmade by Cheryl A Smith: Easter gifts for kids supporting Etsy shops
Handmade Felt Easter Bunny Finger Puppets or Baby Chicks Finger Puppets
$6/ea, Cheryl A Smith

We first found Cheryl Smith’s beloved finger puppets nearly 10 years ago when my kids were obsessed with finger puppets.
We still have them today, which really speaks to how well-made they are.

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Easter gifts supporting Etsy shops: Molang bunny and chick sleep mask handmade by shopLanguor

Molang Character Bunny Sleep Mask
$15.99, ShopLANGUOR

Lots of great designs in this popular Etsy shop that can be as bunny-themed as you’d like. Or not.
And hey, the gift of sleep is a gift for all.


Personalized wooden name puzzle: Easter gifts for kids supporting Etsy shops

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle
$26.99 for 3-5 letters and up, Bloom Owl

Such a thoughtful Easter gift for a younger kids, that becomes decor, that later becomes a keepsake


Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: personalized Easter chocolate bars

Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: personalized easter chocolate lollipops

Personalized Easter Chocolate Lollipop or Personalized Chocolate Bar
$11.25, $12.75 on sale, Treats by Taryn

Don’t know about you, but I would take one of these over an entire bushel of jelly beans!

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Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: Peeps style bunny or chick earrings

Peep Style Bunny Stud Earrings
$16.80 on sale, Jenny O and Co

Lots of fun earring options at this shop, but the Peeps bunny studs are too perfect! Fun to show off over FaceTimes with friends.


Personalized name crayon sets in Easter pastels: Easter gifts for kids supporting Etsy shops

Personalized Name Crayons in Easter Pastels
$19.95, Art2theExtreme (a little more for each letter over four)

Okay, one more great gift from this shop because kids just adore this one so so much. The pastel colors are a nice touch.
(That’s why they end up in our Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide each year.)


Handmade felt Easter bunny masks: Easter gifts for kids supporting Etsy shops

Felt Easter Bunny Masks
$15, Fern Castles

One of my most treasured possessions: A video of my 3 and 5 year-olds wearing similar masks,
reenacting Little Rabbit FooFoo. Feel free to borrow.


Easter gifts for kids on Etsy: Pastel easter chocolate-covered pretzels

Easter Chocolate Covered Pretzels
$14.95/15 We are Dipping Chocolate

It’s a great idea to shop from a company that usually does large orders for showers or parties. They’re being hit hard right now, and heck, our family would go through a dozen of these gorgeous pretzels in a hot minute. Order lots.

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Handmade Rifle paper fabric floral headbands: Easter gifts for kids supporting small businesses on Etsy

Floral Rifle Paper Fabric Headbands
$8.50, Little Lilac Shop

These headbands come in sizes for bigger kids and teens — great way to bring an affordable bit of spring into the wardrobe.

Peeps Bunny soaps: Easter gifts for kids that support Etsy shops

Peep Bunny Soaps 
$9/6 with no box, $14 with gift box, Lathered and Lovely

Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Wash your hands!