We love finding cool, creative Easter basket ideas for kids that are still affordable. I mean, yes, there are always jellybeans and Peeps, but maybe consider some of these cool Easter basket ideas under $20 as ideas that can be a little more special — after all, we’ve made it to spring!

That’s something big to celebrate this year!

Along with these Easter basket ideas for kids that can make a big impression without too much money, remember to look for little Easter basket goodies at your local drugstore (our list is fantastic!)  as well as your favorite bookstores, local toy stores, or even scour ideas from talented Etsy artists who can still ship in time.

And if you’re not doing a traditional Easter “basket,” any one of these ideas would make a cool little Easter gift for cousins, nieces, nephews and grandkids all on their own.

Just make sure you order soon to account for shipping times! Or uh…hop to it.


– This post has been updated for 2022 –

23 Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids, All Under $20


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Creative Easter basket ideas for kids in 2022, all under $20!  | cool mom picks Easter gifts

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Easter Basket ideas for kids under $20: Land of Dough's hatching chick play dough makes a creative gift

Land of Dough Hatching Chick Play Dough (Land of Dough, $10)
Give their fingers something to do other than eat jelly beans! This all-natural, made in the USA dough is soft and squishy and becomes a pretty shade of spring green when all the colors inevitably get smooshed together.


Easter basket ideas under $20: Personalized cookie cutters at Sweet Cookie Cutters

Personalized Cookie Cutters (Sweet Cookie Cutters, $20)
Start a new family cookie decorating tradition. I mean, what’s an Easter Basket without treats, right?


Cutest and coolest hip hop Easter tee for toddlers from Tee Public

Hip Hop Bunny tee (Tee Public, $18)
For the cute toddler with just a little bit of street cred.

Traditional Ukrainian Easter egg coloring page by Kyiv's Zen Bird Studio

Easter Egg coloring pages supporting Ukrainian artists (Prices vary, Etsy)
Check our recent post for an entire selection of beautiful downloadable coloring pages featuring traditional Ukrainian designs, all made by Ukrainian artists. Roll up a few pages, tie with a bow, and add a small box of colored pencils or these affordable fine-line markers for a wonderful Easter basket idea to keep them busy all day.

(Shown above: design by Nike Shmeleva of Zen Bird Studios – 6 PDFs for $5.95)


Super Smalls scratch-and-sniff sticker book for Easter

Super Smalls scratch-and-sniff sticker book ($12)
Described as “a whole lot of “yum” and a little bit of “yuck,” these scratch and sniff stickers are full of surprises and great for Easter baskets for kids.


Cool Easter ideas under $20 for kids: John Ledbedder's awesome monster bunny pins on Etsy

Monster Bunny pins (Joe Ledbedder Studio, $12/ea)
For kids who have outgrown the cutesie bunnies, check out these pins featuring a vampire bunny, werebunny, frankenbunny, and mummy bunny!

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Bunny and carrot popping toy for Easter basket

Easter carrot and bunny popping toys ($12.99/pair, Amazon)
Yep, fidget toys are still a thing!
Made of food grade silicone, these two Easter-themed fidget toys are all the rage among tweens.

Easter basket ideas for kids under $20: Butterfly clips at Jordan de Ruiter

Butterfly Hair Clips (Jordan de Ruiter, $18+)
Older kids can be hard to shop for, especially when it comes to Easter baskets. Picky kids, tweens, and even stylish teens will love these gorgeous handmade hair clips as a creative Easter basket gift.



Creative Easter basket ideas for kids under $20: LEGO Friends Andrea and Bunny Cube Playlet

LEGO Friends: Andrea’s Bunny Cube ($9.99, Amazon)

There are a ton of LEGO Easter toys if you look around, and one we haven’t yet shared — this cute LEGO Friends play cube with bunny accessories, that just came out last year. Very cute Easter basket idea for kids under $20. In fact, it’s under $10!


Carrot-handled jump ropes make a great Easter basket gift

Carrot jump ropes ($17.99/dozen, Amazon)
Filling more than a few baskets? Save yourself a lot of hopping around with a dozen adorable Easter-y jumping ropes.
(Also available for a bit less from Oriental Trading in 2022 — compare shipping costs!)

Creative Easter basket gift for kids: Faux fur bunny slippers!

Faux Fur Bunny Slippers ($18.99+, Amazon)
Bunnies for your dogs. Ha.



Play Dough Easter kit for kids with lots of shape cutters and dough

Play-Dough Easter Play Kit  ($15 on sale, Amazon)
While a pastel rainbow of Play-Dough makes a great Easter basket gift on its own, this entire play kit is next level, including lots of molds, stampers, bunny body parts (don’t worry it’s not creepy!), and of course, all that wonderful dough.


Creative, affordable Easter basket ideas for kids: Target's Easter cookie kits are so fun and under $10!

Easter Cookie Decoration Kits  ($7.99, Target)
From a gingerbread style “Easter House” to simple bunnies and eggs, pop one of these cookie decorating kids in the kids’ Easter baskets and they’ll have something fun to do before your Easter meal is ready.

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Easter basket ideas under $20: Cute Peeps bunny earrings handmade by Cheerful Spirit

Peeps Earrings (Cheerful Spirit, $12.59)
Fortunately, too cute to eat. Mix-and-match your favorite colors at this Etsy shop.

Easter Mad Libs: Cool Easter basket gifts for kids under $20

Easter Edition Mad Libs (Amazon, $4.74)
Could end up being their [adjective] Easter [noun] this year!

Creative Easter basket gifts for kids under $20: Learning Resources play garden is so cute for toddlers and little kids

New Sprouts Pretend Gardening Play Set (Amazon, $16.44)
The more toddlers play with the pretend veggies, the more likely they’ll eat the real ones, perhaps? This play set from Learning Resources has some colorful veggies right along with those pretty, Easter-ready flowers.


Pretty LEGO Tulips kit makes a great Easter gift for under $10

LEGO Tulips ($9.99, LEGO store)
Built your own bouquet that never needs watering with this pretty tulip trio from LEGO.
(See, told you they have all kinds of creative Easter basket gifts over there!)
Note they’re also available on Amazon but for quite a bit more.


Dino egg bath bombs make a great Easter basket gift for kids

Dino Egg bath bombs ($14.99/6, Amazon)
Perfect for dino-loving kids who could use a little coaxing to stay in the tub longe, this creative Easter basket gift idea for kids is a win-win!

Easter basket ideas under $20: Spring paper chains at Magic Cabin

Spring Paper Chains Craft Kit ($11.99, Rainbow Resource)
Am I the only 80s kid who spent hours making paper chains? Here’s to simple fun!


Easter basket ideas under $20: Real Kids color-changing sunglasses in fun shades for kids of all ages

Real KIds Shades Color-Changing Sunglasses (Amazon, $19.95)
For another cool Easter basket idea under $20, these shades offer 100% UV protection, gender-neutral designs — plus they change color in the sun. Totally rad.

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Twee's cupcake chalk make a colorful addition to an Easter basket

Cupcake chalk (Twee, $20)
Looking delicious enough to eat, each two-piece chalk from our friends at Twee will make both an Easter basket, and your sidewalk more colorful.


Easter basket ideas for kids under $20: Creativity for Kids Grow-Your-Own Magic Beans Garden 

Grow-Your-Own Magic Beans Garden (Amazon, $14.99)
Not only can kids decorate the pot, but they really are magic, revealing a secret message engraved on the pod. Isn’t this kit from Creativity for Kids an amazing Easter basket idea under $20?


Easter basket ideas under $20: IKEA flat-pack chocolate bunny

Flat-Pack Chocolate Bunny (IKEA in store only, $4.99)
Build your own chocolate bunny, if you don’t eat it first. And if you can make your way to IKEA in the next few weeks!
Come on, you could use a new pillow or coffee table to update the family room, right?

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